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      Anything WW2 i.e. NSDAP/SS/SA/KZ/US/Rangers.Air Born/USMC,USAAC.Poster's .German ArmBands

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    1. Hello
      To one and all

    2. Hi Larry;No more knowledge then the rest of us just a big need to add to my vast collection of thing.Have know Rick for years now He keeps trying to get to that end of the island,and I keep tell him I only travel East for one other reson.But if he keeps turning up stuff like this I might change my way of thinking Thanks Darrell
    3. Rick asked me if I had blacklighted my bar,I did the other night.The olny thing that was all a glow was the lint one the backside of the bar.Rick would still like to proform one more perverted act upon my littel bar,I told him only if I cought sell the photos to Penthouse! Thanks Darrell English
    4. My GrandMother is ageless Lafayette-Greylock AF&AM North Adams Mass
    5. It's not post war or fake it's 100%,as soon as I can I will post this bad boy.Thanks anyway and if you may have any items to sell Iam always looking.Thank You Darrell English
    6. Any info or anything out there on the littel know unit??I know of one book from England in the past few years and I have it.Just would like to know more,Thanks Darrell English
    7. We cought almost start a Lodge on this site???Thanks Borther! Bro Darrell English Lafayette Greylock,North Adams Mass 32oSR
    8. Holy S---!!!!!!!! One of the small sub collections that I have is CBI, a lot of "C&I" but little of the"B." Thank You Darrell English
    9. Holy S---!!!!!!!! One of the small sub collection that I have is CBI, a lot of C&I but littel of the"B"Thank You Darrell English
    10. Dear Bro do not let your lodge down,think how dark it is with out you?
    11. Are there 3 or more of us.Thanks Darrell English
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