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    1. Is there any way to ID the maker from the construction details?
    2. Trying my hand at photographing some head gear. I need some practice, so bea4 with me. Tips, comments, etc. welcome! A couple more Trying one more.
    3. Are there "unit histories" (books or pamphlets detailing the history, battles, and often rosters, of a unit) available for German units like on the American side? If I were researching a US pilot, for example, I would locate the unit histories for the units he was in. I have tried looking around the internet for such things, but have not had any luck, perhaps because such things do not exist? I could see that being the case, as after the war, Germany tried to move on and not really discuss that chapter of their history.
    4. Interesting. Here’s some quick snaps of the jacket. Sorry for the quality. i have no idea whether any of the accoutrements came with the jacket when it was originally acquired.
    5. Thanks! On Molinari, the aircrewremembered site lists that S. Molinari you mentioned, and indicates that he was an Italian pilot I gather? Molinari, S. Lt Italy, Regia Aeronautica Italiana 2 Gruppo (Egypt) G.50 (lost 6/17/41) KIA 17 June, 1941 near Sidi Omar Egypt; sd by RCAF F/L Woodward of No. 33 Sq. (RCAF Claims List). The other site lists a different Molinari, who I guess was German: MOLINARI, Anton. (DOB: 08.05.11 in Nürnberg). 05.44 in JG 110. 11.44 Oblt. in 4./NJG 11 then 5./NJG 11. Would the Italian Molinari have had the occasion to wear a German uniform? If not, it would seem that we could eliminate him. I'm not up to speed on how the Axis handled uniforms when it came to servicemen from one country working with another. Any thoughts appreciated!
    6. I’ve done a little searching, and how are these for research sources? http://www.aircrewremembered.com http://www.ww2.dk I take it that the former is where you got the info on Blum? I’ll keep digging!
    7. Thanks again - I was thinking Lt. Molinar as well. My guess on the date was Mai. Will poke around the internet to see what I can find on a Molinari. Thanks!
    8. Wow! Amazing. Thanks again! I’ll have to give this research thing a shot! Is this spreadsheet somewhere online? I’ve got another name to look up - once I figure it out - it’s on the label in a flight-piped officer jacket.
    9. So, I’ve been looking at this badge at various angles, and I think it says “H. Blum”. Not sure any other spelling fits. Thoughts?
    10. This small badge is pinned to the side of a M43 LW cap. I presume it’s some sort of unit pin? Anyone know what it represents? Thanks!
    11. That would be very cool. I'll examine it more and see what I can come up with. Thanks again!
    12. In playing around with the lighting, I noticed that the initials “HB” are scratched on the back in a few places - on the back of the eagle and the right side of the wreath. Hopefully these pics show it. It’s a bit stylized with the right-hand side of the H forming the left-hand side of the B.
    13. Thanks again! I see what you mean by the rivets. I’m just using An iPad to take the pics. I see if natural light helps out.
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