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  1. I'll have to dig through my archives, but I used to own a cased set of both combatant and non-combatant medals from 1814!
  2. Love that packet and those cases. I've only found a few that way over the years. Nice!
  3. Finest I've ever seen. And the Non-Combatant ribbon sucked me in. I bid 125 Euro and was outbid, so someone wants it real bad. That's not a rare medal. Just spectacularly rare condition!
  4. Well, I don't know who will win this, but congrats. I placed a massive bid and was outbid anyway. Hope one of you wins!
  5. Now that's a classic Saxon combination, made beautiful(er)by the Observer Badge and S/B EK1! Nice!
  6. I'd have to agree. I think the pieces are good, I've owned several OZL over the years. But I think the bar is a "put-together".
  7. @ Komtur, Now that's anice bar! @ Dave Danner, thanks for all your tireless work trying to help everyone!
  8. I like the original posted, stamped badge. I too think the cross is a bit short, but that might be the maker's interpretation. I think the pin, mark and catch are spot-on for this maker.I think the quality and detail is spot-on. I've only owned one original Bavarian badge, years ago. But it was a silver one, not a stamped one. These badges are extremely scarce and extreme care should be exercised when contemplating a purchase, Carsten Baldes would be a fine source, but I doubt he would sell one if he found one!
  9. There's a lot about this badge I don't like. The detail is not there, I've never seen a cliché badge with a screw-back, excess material on the top of the badge, etc., etc. Unfortunately these badges are amongst the most faked Imperial German items around. Most people believe any stamped badge to be an actual issue piece. The silver ones were most likely all private purchase. I don't believe the stamped pieces were made post-war, other than by numerous fakers. There's no shortage of fake stamped Prussian pilot badges, observer badges and gunner badges, Hope this Helps, Rick
  10. One of the first pieces I ever acquired was an Albert, 2nd Class with swords. I thought it was so beautiful it fueled years of collecting Saxony.... congratulations!
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