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  1. I have been thinking of collecting some of these (and ribbon bars with devices), but do not know enough about them, so a series on these medals would be very interesting for me. Steve
  2. No 1 might be a petty officer, Russian/Polish Navy !!! No 2 is Soviet Lt Colonel (Infantry) Rayjin
  3. Just arrived this morning, a pair I couldn't pass by. A Pennsylvania National Guard WWI Victory Medal, with a National Defense Medal, all for the grand total of !!! $11.50 the pair I know the National Defense Medal is not WWI, but just wanted to show what can be had if you shop around, and what can pop up when you least expect it. Rayjin
  4. Found this on Flickr, apparently there are several versions of the WWII King's Badge http://www.flickr.com/photos/23885771@N03/3750513182/ Rayjin
  5. Driver E Groep Cape Auxilliary Horse Transport Corp The Cape Auxiliary Horse Transport Corps was formed in 1916 and consisted of eight companies numbering 6,214 ‘Coloured’ (mixed race) men who served as drivers with the Army Service Corps in Northern France. Hope this helps Rogan
  6. Two Italian VM's so far [Laslo Official type 1] [Laslo Official type 2] Rayjin
  7. Thanks for your help ladybird, my mother had no idea of his status in the RAOB as she lost her mother at 14 and her father at 18. Thanks again for your help. Rayjin
  8. This is my grandfather in his R.A.O.B regalia, I never met as he died before I was born. The photo must have been taken around the time of WWII, and my mother can remember seeing it, but he never talked about what he did. What I need is, can anybody tell me what the insignia, chain and medal are and what they mean? He lived in Plymouth, Devon. Thank you in advance Rayjin
  9. Hi Just arrived Has 'PAUL DUBOIS' at the 5 o'clock position on the obverse, but no 'R' (Riemer) or 'LA' (Alexander Leisek) hallmarks. So not one of the unofficial Belgian Victory's. Size is 36.2mm by 3mm thick, and no markings on the edge. Can someone give me an opinion whether it is an Official type 1 or 2, or one of the repro's Thanks in advance Rayjin
  10. Still on the subject of Italian vics - there was one on e-bay UK last night which the seller says has MCMX111 instead of MCMXIII - sounds very suspicious. Bill
  11. There are two Italian VM's on Ebay with MCMXIII, one with ribbon and one without !!!!!!! Two different sellers Rogan
  12. Hi everyone Just arrived this morning - South African Victory Type 1 to Cpl A.C. Turton 4th South African Horse 1st of many
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