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  1. Hello Gentlemen, I know this is not a regular service of the Luftwaffe. But I not found another place to post my question. My question is regarding the equivalence of ranks in LSW with the Luftwaffe. Below the ranks. I also know if there is a drawing or photographs of shoulder boards and collar tabs that identify these ranks. LSW-Mann LSW-Truppführer LSW-Gruppenführer LSW-Hauptgruppenführer LSW-Stabsgruppenführer LSW-Zugführer LSW-Oberzugführer LSW-Warnzentraleführer LSW-Warnzentraleoberführer LSW-Abteilungsführer Thx a lot in advance Regards
  2. Hello gentlemen, Im trying to found some infos about these awards for a research and a bio of SS-Oberst-Gruppenführer Sepp Dietrich. This award is in two classes, I just saw pictures of the second class. Can someone post a first-class? There is a ribbon bar of this award?, if so, can anyone show me? Thank you in advance. Regards
  3. Hello Gentlemen, I like to identificate the awaers won by Hermann Graf, This picture is from AHF (Axis History Forum). I can recognise EK2, Ostmedalle, Austrian Anschluss and the other ? Anyone can help? Thx in advance
  4. Hello Gentlemen, the site http://www.rommel-lebt.com identifies the man below as Generaloberstabsintendant Franz Kleberger (pictures G 143 und G 143 A) If he is really Kleberger, we have another decoration to put in your files. This man wear a Kvk I mS. I don´t have this decoration in your record. I did a closeup of the pics to try to identicate the ribbonbar for more decorations. I found : EkII mit spange probably Kvk II mS unknow Hessische Tapferkeitsmedaille?? Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer?? Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung ?? Klasse Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung ?? Klasse unknow unknow unknow Anyone can help with the identification?? Thx in advance
  5. Hello Gentlemen, Thx for your support. Anyone knows if GL Hemmann received the Silesian eagle 1st class? Regards
  6. Hello Gentlemen, Im looking for infos about this award. I have a information that´s German Generaloberst Wilhelm Adam received this award. Can anyone provide more infos and a picture of this decoration? Thx a lot in advance. Regards
  7. Hello Gentlemen, Im doing a research project about some portuguese and german naval officers and i need to see a picture , front and obverse if possible, of Portuguese Life saving medal. Can anyone help me ? Many thx in advance. Regards
  8. Hello Gentlemen, Im trying to identificate the awards of GL Alfred Hemmann. Picture from http://www.germanpostalhistory.com. left to right: 1 - 1914 EK1 mit spange 2 - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer 3 - ?? 4 - Silesian Eagle 2nd Class ?? 5 - Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung 4/12 years?? 6 - Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung 18/25 years?? (Strange, because Hemmann was a Polizei officer from 1920 to 1935, it´s would be a Polizei Dienstauszeichnungen) 7 - ?? Thx a lot in advance regards
  9. Another interesting thinks about von Nagy ,like a austrian, his career was in unities of mountain trops, how we can confirm in the picture above, with the Edelweiss in the cap. But it was promoted to General der Infanterie and not of Gebirgstruppe. Cheers
  10. Here is another pic of von Nagy from 1934 (Generalmajor) he looks like a young man for your age here (51 years) perhaps he was using some aesthetic product to be rejuvenated (picture from ABR site) Cheers
  11. Hello Here is another picture of Emmerich von Nagy (From AHF Forum) to compare. he is more older than other picture, from ww2 time of sure. von Nagy born in 09/15/1882 in Saint Paul am Villach he has promoted Kapitän in 11/01/1914 major during the war , i don´t have date here promoted Oberstleutnant in 01/01/1921 certainly he would be an officer to receive the commemorative decorations. Cheers
  12. Hello Guys, thx for the infos I agree with you, bovec, missing commemoratives medals of WW1 sounds strange Cheers
  13. Hello Gentlemen, Im trying to identificate the decorations of General der Infanterie (in WW2) Emmerich von Nagy in this picture (from a e-bay auction). Can anyone help me ? I know (left to right) : EK II Eiserne Krone III m.S., MVK III. Kl. m.S., Silberne MVM Bronzene MVM, Ehrenzeichen 2. Kl. d. Roten Kreuzes m.Schw., Milit.Jubiläumskreuz, ?? ?? Thx a lot in advance
  14. Thx a lot for your inputs Claudio. I have a doubt: Heerespolizeichef has a rank of Oberst and Feldpolizeichef der Wehrmacht has a rank of Generalmajor. What kind of collar tabs have the Feldpolizeichef? Do you can provide any help? Cheers
  15. Hello Gentlemen, Im doing a research job and i like to know more infos about the shouder boards and collar tabs of these "rares" ranks (I never seen any picture or drawings) Anyone can provide a help? Thx a lot in advance Regards Heeresfeldpostmeister Heeresfeldpostdirigent feldpolizeichef der Wehrmacht
  16. Hello Gentlemen, Im looking a picture of Curt von Oesterreich wearing your PLM. Can anyone help me? Cheers
  17. Hello Gentlemen, thx a lot for all infos. I agree with you. Searching in records is more easy to find the awards. BTW, can anyone provide a list of foreign awards of Olbricht? Thx in advance Cheers
  18. Looking around the other ribbons of Olbricht, the 10th ribbon it might be red when, it more seemed to the coloration of other ribbons that we can be reddened. Social welfare medal maybe.
  19. Hello The 10th ribbon definitely isn´t a Sudetenland medal. the ribbon on picture is colored by equal, sudetenland has the sides most dark. See a sample in black and white of as would be:
  20. Hello Gentlemen, Im trying to find a picture and ribbon of a Tiroler Lanesdenkmünze (Tyrol Province Remembrance Medal) This medal was awarded to all Tiroleans whos served in the First World War and also to those who, between 1915 and 1918 participated in defending the Tirol Province. This bronze gilt medal was instituted on 7 February 1928. Thx a lot in advance. Regards
  21. Hello Gentlemen, thx a lot for the explanations, superb infos Wonderful medal bar Cheers Alexandre
  22. Hello Gentlemen, It´s a very late answer, but...thread is alive yet... The General der Gebirgstruppen at left is Valentin Feuerstein. Cheers
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