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  1. Many thanks for all that information over the years, and especially the images. Here is the image of my father's black St Stanislas given/awarded to him by General Pavlichenko on the wharf at Sevastopol just prior to embarkation for Constantinople in November 1920. It belonged personally to Pavlichenko, and seems from the discussion to have dated back to about 1850-70. It certainly closely resembles those in the other images. It was in its original cardboard box as shown. My father, who was a Polkovnik on the staff of General Skalon, went on to command the camp for Russian refugees at Tuzla o
  2. Marvelllous images, which I've never heard of before! Are there any close-ups?
  3. Yes I have at least one, including a very similar Stanislas which is definitely original, that looks exactly the same.
  4. Completely fantastic! Some of the captioned photos could be of considerable historic interest once the individuals had been identified.
  5. There is no doubt that the tall general is Wrangel.
  6. I was referring to the right hand obverse and left hand reverse. I don't recognise the other medallion though the Russian is easily translated.
  7. See Wikepedia for details of Aleksei Alekseevich Brusilov (Russian: Алексе́й Алексе́евич Бруси́лов) (August 19, 1853 ? March 17, 1926) was a Russian cavalry general most noted for the development of a military offensive tactic used in the Brusilov offensive of 1916. His war memoirs were translated into English and published in 1930 as A Soldier's Notebook, 1914?1918.
  8. A lovely medallion. The front is the same name advised to you "Ivan Matveevich Borisov " The back says Tovarich, the word the communists took over to mean "comrade" in a political sense, but which in those days simply meant "friend".
  9. As far as I can make out, the decoration around his neck is the order of St Anne, and the first two visible on his chest are St Valdimir and then St Stanislas.
  10. Very interesting, especially the 1922 date - which is almost 2 years after Wrangel's forces were evacuated from the Crimea for the last time, and after the camps in Turkey had been disbanded and the troops had gone to Serbia and elsewhere. The 3rd Level Bravery award of the Provisional Government has an almost identical face, but the rear has a different inscription "For Zeal" in Russian. Originals have stamped serial numbers and stamped ring loop hole. Fakes are cast rather than stamped. Some references say 29mm is the proper size but the original Petrograd mint issue "For Zeal" medals from 1
  11. Thanks for that Paul. The consequence is that by 2020, 100 years after Wrangel left Russia and all production of Imperial Russian items ceased, no single Imperial relic will be allowed to leave Russia. Collectors must collect quickly. Treloarth
  12. There are very many very wealthy Russians (and Ukrainians). They are enthusiastically collecting Imperial memorabilia back into Russia. They are willing to pay top market price for decorations, medals, silverware, documents etc. This will drive their market prices up even further for years to come. But the 192661 on the medal says (I believe) that this particular decoration was the 192,661th 4th Class St George to be awarded, so there are many around for collectors, and the price looks ridiculous to me. Wait and see what the next 4th class sells for. Incidentally, once rare items have gone bac
  13. I can see that the "7" is different, and I can see that the ring is simpler than on Igor's. However, there are many known genuine ones with a simple ring, and with well over 100,000 awards in this class alone the numerals surely were engraved by different hands over a long period of time. I recommend a test of the precise dimension, precise weight and metal content. I suggest that you test for silver, because it should be in the Russian standard silver. I suggest that it should be close to Weight 11.3 g. and Width 34.4 mm. There are plenty available, and it would hardly be worth making such a
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