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  1. Jim, Try this link: http://beta.gazettes-online.co.uk/ViewPDF....mp;all=Mulrenan See righthand column, 4th name from the top. This seems to be your man. He was listed in the Edinburgh edition of the Gazette and his number is different. Nevertheless it appears to be the same guy, T. Mulrenan of Royal Dublin Fusiliers award the Military Medal on 26 April 1917. Hope this helps? Lee
  2. The reverse of Monty's Order of Suvorov can be seen here (# 133): http://web.archive.org/web/19991008103857/...tuk/suvorov.htm I took that photograph back in the early 1990's when the Imperial War Museum gave me access to it. At the time they said they were not in possesion of his Order of Victory. Lee
  3. Thanks all for your replies and details about the value. Sadly I don't have a document with this one. I did always try to only collect awards with their documents but it was not always possible. It's good to hear that the price has jumped considerably in the meantime. I am thinking of parting with what I have left and GMIC solds like a great place to sell them. Christian, I appreciate your comments about the condition, especially as regards the enamel. Presumably it is not a good idea to clean it but to leave the original patina? Thanks, Lee
  4. Hi Rick, I'm out of touch with current prices. How much are they going for these days?
  5. Thanks Darrell, that's encouraging to hear. I stopped collecting Soviet awards back in the mid-1990s but will be sorting out what I have left of the collection over the next few weeks and will post some pictures of the more interesting items.
  6. Out of interest will WWI British bronze death plaques be included in the book?
  7. Hi Peter. Is this of interest? http://www.psywar.org/apddetailsdb.php?det...NZUK451DEVIII42 It's a four-page German propaganda leaflet air-dropped over England following the Dieppe raid. It is almost entirely made up of photographs of the aftermath of the raid. Let me know if this is useful. Lee http://www.psywar.org/
  8. Thanks Mike. I guess it would be the same in the UK too. I forget to ask about the jewelled pin. Does anyone know the significance of the pin? Does it donate an achievement within freemasonry, say becoming a Master Mason or WM, or is it something worn by all members or purely an optional thing?
  9. Thanks Humber, I had forgotten about the inscription on the back. It's actually on the back of the hanging set-square emblem. It says that the medal was awarded to my grandfather in appreciation of his service as "WM" in 1975-76. Until now the "WM" was meaningless to me. Your explanation is very helpful and interesting. I will take your suggestion to try contacting the lodge. Maybe there are still members there who remember my grandfather. How are WMs appointed? Is it on a kind of rota basis depending on length of membership or are WMs voted for by the membership? Thanks again! Lee
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