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  1. Thanks Gordon I thoroughly checked Dai Nippon website, but unfortunately it is not that badge you have suggested, despite looking several times I have not been able to identify it yet.
  2. Hi, first time posting in japan section, although I have a strong Japanese collection and am now looking to grow it. Picked up this badge the other day and having checked all my usual references I am struggling to identify it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. Here are the 3 medals I have in my collection, all came from Egypt, but I realise that 2 have the wrong ribbons, what was interesting was they came from different sources several years apart. The smaller version is also thinner The first image is exactly the same weight as the 2nd but with much sharper/crisper detail.
  4. Lawrence


    Thank You, and now I feel very Lucky....think I will go back to British Medals and leave the Chinese ones for the experts. Although I also collect Russian and Soviet ODM I am a little more up to date with spotting the fakes. I was just surprised I could not identify the medal in the first place. But thanks for the info Lawrence
  5. Lawrence


    I was an under bidder on this medal, I could not identify it, but was going to buy it on spec had my PC not lost internet connection 10 seconds before the bidding ended. It sold for about £110 which I thought was cheap...but then again I did not know what the medal was Can anyone please identify it as I would love to know.http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_11_2013/post-14817-0-64151500-1384532882.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_11_2013/post-14817-0-81432900-1384532896.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_11_2013/post-14817-0-00672000-1384532908.jpg
  6. Thank you very much JimZ. I now understand why I could not find him, because of the change of his name. Thank you again very helpful. Lawrence
  7. Hello, although my Great Grandparents were Russian, I speak or read no Russian myself. I am a new collector to Soviet Awards, not being able to afford a Hero of the Soviet Union, I recently purchased a couple of Award/ID books of (I was told) a Double Hero ????? Colonel Shutov, S.F. the documents are listed on page 41 of the book by Petr Moreyn. I think he was Stephanich Fedorovich Shutov if my feeble attempt at translation is correct. I could not find him listed on a website about Double Heroes, however it was all in Russian and I might have missed or made a mistake with t
  8. Although I have been collecting British and Colonial ODM for 35 years , Middle Eastern medals are a whole new field to me. The images are from a recent purchase that came as one lot. Some I have managed to identify, other not 1. Large possibly silver, 60mm diameter both sides are convex. ????? 2. 1948 Egyptian war with Israel. 1st variety double sided. I have a couple of these already this one is slightly larger, thicker and heavier than my other examples, strangely all the ones I have purchased have come with the same ribbon, which is not the ribbon normally associated with the
  9. Definitely enamel center. Medal is Brass and when compared is exactly same size as the other but the oak leaves are not as well defined.
  10. Hello I recently acquired a Middle Eastern medal that at first glance is similar to the Syria issued 'Palestine War Wounded medal' for 1948 War. But on closer examination there are marked differences. 1) the star array has been rotated by 90 degrees 2) the sword is hanging down (instead of upwards) 3) Different Ribbon 4) different ring suspension 5) difference in enamel the ring suspension on the Syrian issue is a pierced hole through the arm to hold the ring, whereas the unidentified one has a separate ring at the back of the medal which is plain. Could this be the Egypti
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