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  1. Bill

    I've taken the liberty of moving your query to the Mongolian section, on the possibly spurious grounds that the experts there are more likely to have answers than the rest of us!  I hope that's acceptable.  If not, I'll move it back, though there is a link on the 'Rest of the World' section as well.  Good luck with the query!


    1. Bill Harris

      Bill Harris

      Sounds good Peter. I wasn't sure where it should go: Soviet, rest of world, or wherever! Thanks for your assistance.


    2. peter monahan

      peter monahan

      No problem.  hard to see wher to put that one but, as I say, maybe the 'Mongolians' will know more about the 'stans' than we Euro-centric types. ;)

    3. peter monahan

      peter monahan

      Still hoping for a flood of entries to the competition, ladies and gents.  The judges are waiting in eager anticipation for a chance to exercise their aesthetic judgement too.


  2. Hi everyone, I note that Uzbekistan issued its medal Jasorat (Bravery) to that country's WW2 veterans en masse in 1994 as a commemoration of the Great Patriotic War. My understanding is that Uzbek veterans have since been forbidden to wear their Soviet WW2 medals. Does anyone know if other ex-Soviet republics (particularly the Central Asian -stans) have issued their own WW2 commemorative medals and, if so, have they similarly banned the wearing of Soviet medals? Bill
  3. Has anyone been in contact with Jeff lately? I have been trying to reach him for the last week and haven't had any luck... BH
  4. Most interesting, thanks Nick and Paul for the comments and images. BH
  5. Is anyone able to shed some light on the campaigns that this medal was issued for? The other medals for central Asian campaigns (Kokand, Khiva, Geok-Tepe) are all pretty specific regarding the operations they commemorate. I find this one more mysterious. The North West Frontier clasp for the British India General Service Medal of 1854 is an interesting parallel: a single award that covered numerous campaigns over a long period of time. There is, however, an easily accessible list of actions which merited the award of the clasp. Does any similar list exist for this Russian medal? Bill
  6. Are there any ordnance experts among us? This shell has been in my family for longer than anybody can remember. My grandmother was using it as a doorstop when she gave it to me. It had been painted black and had a label "Cartouche de Guerre 1914-1918" on it (her family were Francophone Ontarians until the last generation or so). I took off the label and stripped the paint, and was left with what you see here. The shell weighs about four kilos. It is about 7cm in diameter and 26 cm long. I've tried to find something like it online but everything I come up with has some small difference
  7. Yeah, I figured as much, but just dipping my toe into these waters for now, so it will probably suffice for the moment.
  8. спасибо, Paul. Good to see one that wraps up Imperial and Soviet in one volumne.
  9. Thanks! I saw that one and thought it looked good, but wanted to hear recommendations first.
  10. Good afternoon gents, Longtime lurker, first time poster here. Was toying with the idea of adding a few Imperial Russian medals to my collection, down the road; there's no rush to sink a load of money into what looks like a fairly expensive and fraught field. Before doing ANYTHING though, I wanted to peruse at least one good reference book, ideally one that would help in separating real from fake. I admit to knowing little at this point and would be woefully susceptible to filling my collection with expensive copies! Can anyone here recommend such a book? Would prefer something not
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