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  1. Great article Chris, gives a sense of the battle and the picture on the certificate
  2. Thanks to Chris for his help, welcome your thoughts on this, as ever thanks
  3. We have a name so with this we have an Edward Fisher at the address of 119 Queens Rd with his wife Laura in 1923 but not an "A" Fisher.......frustrating!!!
  4. Wurttemberg cap, that came with.....and picture with two edelweiss (I have always thought the one without the crown was post war?)
  5. Odulf, this is what I can find out.......(I am taking the reverse of the card is the soldier with the moustache) the 1911 census for 119 Queens Rd Battersea London, has a German family called "Brenner", the head of which is "George" a pork butcher he does not appear to have served in WW1, the collar of the Uniform appears to be "a grenade" as well as what looks like "RF" on the shoulder and on the right a single British"wound stripe" and 3 British service stripes. I must admit it looks more like the Belgian grenade!! There is also a "Ernst Hammel" but no one of that name served (possibly chan
  6. Lovely group, he served in the 2nd Battalion, Frank according to the medal roll was acting Sgt, he enlisted 21 Jan 1909 transferred to the reserve 1913, mobilized 1914 and discharged 7 March 1919 as an acting Sgt, he was also issued the silver wound badge for a gun shot wound to the head and shoulder he got on the 1st November 1914. (at this point the battalion was down to 150 men led by the QM), He was 18 when he enlisted and was born in 1891 in Nottingham (he married in 1912) he served in France from the time he arrived until 8 December 1914, he stayed in the UK for the duration of the wa
  7. Some interesting information in this English language book, My Dear little Clara!: 1914 Letters from a lieutenant of the German Imperial Marine Reserve 1st Imperial Marine infantry Regiment by Goutsmit, The narrative of Lieutenant Julius Schödensack of the German Imperial Marine Infantry about his war in Belgium 1914-18 Nice portrait of a Marine infantry soldier
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