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  1. Lieutenant Heinrich Friedrich Alfred Schulze, Born 17 Nov 1889, Kassel, Hessen. It appears he was an He was ordonnanz officer (Originally Train?) to the commander of army division "Scholtz" on the eastern front, his task as I understand it was to assist the group commander in all manner of tasks from liaison to being the commander’s eyes on the ground... then in 1918 while serving in the Ukraine he transferred to the Geheime Feldpolizei, which was largely responsible for counter espionage against the Red Army in the Poltava area He was awarded both the Iron Cross 1st (signed by G
  2. Nice picture that hopefully will come my way The IWM has an oral history as follows; EEL 1 Recollections of service as officer with 36th Prussian Div in Ypres area, Belgium, 8/1917-9/1917: situation; conditions of service; battalion relief system; counter-attack following attack of 51st Div 20/9/1917; reaction to kilted soldiers; comparison of attitude of British and French wounded POWs. Recollections of German offensive in St Quentin sector,Somme area, France, 21/3/1918-28/3/1918: arrival of divisions from Eastern Front; prior training and state of morale, 1/1918; move into line in
  3. Gentleman many thanks for this
  4. Here is a small flag, car pennant about 18 inches x 12 Inches, in the style of a normal Reich flag but with a printed colonial eagle...thoughts
  5. Here is a recent pickup,direct from the family whether put together or not, (with a 1916 bayonet more likely)
  6. If this offends anyone please remove, this is what I concealed on the bayonet, which may indicated "Africa", does this help ?
  7. Have his first name as "Hugh", great group, thanks for showing
  8. Named to "Septimus Beevor", Electrical and automobile engineer and Inventor 1866: Septimus Felix Beevor was born in the last quarter of 1866 Marylebone, London. 1871: Septimus lived at 129 Harley Street, Marylebone London with his father Charles Beevor (Surgeon), mother Elizabeth (born Burell), three brothers two sisters and five servants. As a note, thier next door neighbor in nr. 131, retired Major General Henry Blois Turney (or Turner), Royal Engineers with family. In number 127 lived Vicar of St. Lawrence Jewry, Benjamin Morgan Cowie (1816-1900), with his family. 1872:
  9. Card attached with his photo says that he was on the way to Germany. He was “in service” (probably not military but governmental instead). His trade is listed “Businessman” and his religious “Luthern”. He came from County Kurtna. It is about 50 km to south from Tallinn.
  10. No..yes not in the book but annexed as C F JOOLMAN Captain, Intelligence Corps, found this as well
  11. My thanks to Chris to allow me to be the next custodian as well as his excellent article here http://gmic.co.uk/topic/69807-a-dramatic-group-to-an-intel-officer/ to follow on from Chris's research; WW1 Pair to Private 236905 C.F. Juulman Royal Engineers, Later Captain Karl Ferdinand (known as Carl Ferdinand) Carl Juulman, Served with the Royal Engineers, Signal Service in France and then with the 45th Bn Royal Fusiliers for Russia as an Interpreter. Great war pair to Private 236905 C.F. Juulman Royal Engineers. His Medal Index Card has him moving to the Royal Fusil
  12. PS had a check of "O.H. Bones" in the World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 nothing found
  13. Yes of course will do them later today
  14. Love to know as well....Initials of his name?
  15. Love to see any photos....it was a "bring back"....you never know
  16. Thanks for trying Hugh, got me stumped
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