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  1. Hello all Am hoping the fraternity may be able to help me with my search for "Totenkopf" Division documents for the volume of "German Cross in Gold Holders of the SS and Police" currently being written. I'm doing the entire division in a single volume with considerable data on the Totenkopfstandarten as well. If familiar with my series, the Combat Elements chapter is more than 1/2 the size of the entire volume 3 ("Nordland") in the series. I'm looking for lower level award documents signed by Abteilung, Bataillon, and Kompanie commanders. No need for anything signed by Eicke or other divisional commanders as have a huge amount already. Looking for Assault Badge, Eastern Front, etc. Full credit with acknowledgements and the illustration. As the volume also covers all "Totenkopf" Honor Clasp and Close Combat Clasp in Gold holders, documents related to them is of equal interest. I have all the personal award documents for five GC and/or KC holders. Obviously award documents to any award holders of interest, especially the formal GC award document. Please feel free to contact me by PM (hopefully I correctly set myself up to be notified) or direct at yergemar@gmail.com Photos also of interest though I have considerable and none needed for any KC holders. Aside from missing German Cross, Honor Clasp, and Gold Clasp holders a photo needed of commanders who did not get the GC or KC such as Korff, Breimaier, Eckert, among numerous others. Current illustration count is about 360. I've posted a few signatures in that area of forum, if some way to request I'd be happy to post what I may have in Waffen-SS. My archive is considerable in that area. My German Cross seres requires I be ahead of publisher by the way, the first of 2 volumes on "Wiking" will be out early 2014, both approx 400 pages. Most recent released covered the 2nd half of Polizei Division and Independent Higher Leaders awarded the decoration. Cover illustration below. Sincerely, Mark C. Yerger
  2. At least as far as Waffen-SS, afraid Nafziger so full of mistakes that his books (or site) are useless
  3. Heinz Lammerding Kdr SS-Totenkopf-Pionier-Bataillon Ia "Totenkopf" Division Kdr Regiment "Thule" Kdr 2.SS-Panzer Division "Das Reich" Chief of Staff "Oberrhein"
  4. Werner Ostendorf Ia SS-V-Division (later "Das Reich") Kdr Kampfgruppe SS-Reich Chief of Staff II.SS-Panzer Korps Kdr 17.SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Division "Götz von Berlichingen" Kdr 2.SS-Panzer Division "Das Reich" Knight's Cross with Oakleaves, German Cross in Gold
  5. Otto Kumm Kdr Rgt "Der Führer" Chief of Staff V.SS-Gebirgs Korps Kdr 7.SS-Gebirgs Division "Prinz Eugen" Kdr. 1.SS-Panzer Division "Leibstandarte" German Cross in Gold, Knight's Cross with Oakleaves and Swords Period color rather scarce
  6. He also commanded SS Division "Totenkopf" twice, substituting for Eicke and finally replacing him when Eicke was killed Feb 1943.
  7. with an image, reverse for normal handwriting example
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