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  1. From what I can get loosely translated....it is a commemorative medal of some sort celebrating the Ba'ath Party take over in 1968. Not sure what type criteria or who would be a recipient. Any additional info is of course appreciated Tony
  2. Shukraan Ed.....maku mushkela. I am standing by. If I can get my friend at the bazaar to transate it I will post it as well. But you never know if the story they are telling is true....they tell what they think or what they ehard, or whatever sounds sexy to sell something. i appreciate your help in this. Tony
  3. From what I can see with my mag glass....looks like it's marked "900" with the letters "IF" underneath. I have a King Faisal II coin as well with the same marking ("IF") I need to have the reverse translated, might be the answer there
  4. Hey Ed.....I just got an "Over the Top" as well yesterday. I had no idea what it was but it was just so big and loud I bought it. Syria 50th Anniversary of the Syrian Army in the case. This thing is very heavy as is the box (surprisingly solid). Just big and loud....he has another Friendship Medal in a nice Syrian case....but not big and loud enough.
  5. I picked this up in Baghdad the other day. About 2 inches in diameter, fairly heavy silver coin or table medal. Very well struck, silver content marked on the reverse but hard for me to see with the glass I have. I have seen these copied extensively but based on the weight and feel as well as detail and quality, I am fairly convinced it's the real thing. Anyone seen this or knows what it is for or whom it might have been given to? What it might be commemorating or given for? First one is the obverse Thanks Tony
  6. And the reverse...... Love the badge....except for the one repair it's in pretty good shape.....gotta get em when you can right?
  7. Just got this in from Steve Brown, made in gold, but as you can see missing one handle to one sword. It has a small enamel repair to the righit arm but generally when viewing is not noticeable. What are your recommendations on replacing the handle vice leaving it as is? Will replacing it cause any possible damage to the piece or the integrity of the piece? Last, recommendations for period cravat (even in a section) are appreciated. Thanks in advance Tony
  8. Fabulous Micha.....one of my favorite orders. I agree wih Don...one of the most elegant in it's simplicity. Not to hijack but feel the need to share what you are getting yourself into with Crown Orders.....Commander's Cross in gold, in it's house MM: N.
  9. SPM....hey thanks. Yeah ya know....just as soon as we get dried out from that junk....it rains in the night JUST enough to make it a disaster the next morning......I am telling ya if I never see rain here again it wont be soon enough.....but I think we're in for a hot hot one this summer...(surprise). I think you and Dan are on the right path. I took a closer look after his and your comments. It does look like 2 pins....the other areas that I thought appear like they were ground down, may just be finishing. Problem is that they do look like a broken pin as you describe as possible broken off
  10. Thanks Dan....I appreciate that. I never thought of that point about the centers. I cannot find any marks on it but I compared the eagle with the series of variations on Andreas' site and it looks like a 4th type Wagner.....again I am certainly not expert, but am happy to know it seems good. Thanks very much T
  11. Hey all.....I got this in the mail the other day....first off hoping it is legit....i think it is but the suspension looks oddly flat vice a ball. Anyway, I have a question about the order in general with respect to swords. Is appears there are locations that look like there were swords through it but hae been removed and ground down. Two areas have that appearance and the other 2 areas look completely ground down and polished to an extent. Would that be an indication it is an illegitemate piece or is there a posisbility they were namufactured with a set up for swords in the event theyh were
  12. The top of the case. It's plastic but fairly decent quality considering. It has the small booklet inside expaining the issue of the coin, the gold, silver, and bronze types, and the gold and silver content of the various types. I'm not a coin or tabel medal type guy but this seemed too interesting to pass up.
  13. Not military so please feel free to move it to a more appropriate place. I grabbed this the other day, Commemorative Coin for the 30 July Revolution. These were available from the Central Bank in Baghdad as well as the Mosul Branch and Basra Branch. Made in silver, it's more weighty in hand than it appears. Any additional information you guys have I would appreciate it. Thanks Tony
  14. Thanks Ed.....I appreciate it. You know I was holding off and the Uncle always was asking me to buy it....I knew it was too much but after so many times going to see him, I figured what the heck. if nothing else its interesting. He's still sellling many good items but well above the value......but is a hard one to bargain with. Gotta catch him on a good day. I asked him what he's going to do when I buy all the medals? He just laughed....so I hold off on them because it allows me to go see him.......I get a kick out of him and his son trying to tell me what they are for. 80% of the time they ar
  15. Picked this up today in Baghdad. A set of 10 miniatures in a nice case with the national emblem on the top. All but 3 of these are marked Huguenin. I know 3 have incorrect ribbons (the 3 middle ones) but all the others are correct as far as I can tell. I am not a mini collector but I thought this was a neat set of pretty well made minniatures....and the case was really the kicker.
  16. Hi Hendrik I hae attached my crown as well. My question for you and the group is whether the age/date of a piece is indicated by the jewel-work and detail on the crown? I noticed yours is more detailed and jeweled than mine. Or is it simply a matter of a different manufacturer? Thanks a lot Tony
  17. Truly one of the most valuable information assets in our collecting community.....thanks so much for what you do Andreas T
  18. Here ya go Darrell....not really spectacular.....but I thought it was nice to have a cased set....paid more than I wanted or should; but I know the guy and know it's not easy for him to get here.....so what the heck.
  19. Ed...being common wnat would be fair value for a set? So I dont go into this blindly and either get rooked or pass up a deal? Thanks as always Tony
  20. The case is the same green case the liberation medal comes in...but is larger to accomodate the mini and ribbon...I actually got caught up trying to talk Amu down for the Two Rivers he had and forgot to ask about the Combat Medal
  21. Working on grabbing a cased set with mini and ribbon bar...will post it when I get it Tony
  22. Hi Ed Any information on the manufacturer of these? I have 2...the exact type you have pictured and another (below) that looks less refined but is still fairly well made. Higher relief on the central area and a smooth back...ribbon though... Curious if there were several manufacturers and who they miht be...or if the one I have attached is Iraqi made. It does not look crude like some of the ones you see in the 1990s and later..Thanks for any info. Tony
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