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  1. Very interesting indeed. I agree to a point that over the years of this conflict that all things being equal, awards are less. However, I think you will find more small unit operations with valorous deeds vice individual deeds as in the past. Warfare has changed as has the execution of it...that does not mean the valor is any less...but I think with technology in the warfughters hands, the bar is raised as to what defines the valor in an act. What constituted an extreme level of valor or extremely valorous deed 60 years ago might be closer to the norm or may appear to be less valorous today co
  2. OOOPS...i lied...one more. Medal for Merit on a slot brooch.
  3. [attachmentid=54745] The Army Civilian Exceptional Service Medal. One of 2 civilian awards I have...but the only one i have a pic of. Already been seen earlier on this thread, but I lucked out and got this one in the original gold box. Also mounted on a slot brooch.
  4. Thanks Gerd...I love the powerful statement it makes with such a simple design...
  5. Thanks I appreciate that...I agree...simple elegance...the design speaks for the cross with no need for bells and whistles...hopefully more will be coming to my home soon. My Best Sal
  6. OK here is my NOT stunning only Braunschweig piece...sorry to add something not as beautiful as the previous...but it's all I got!
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