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  1. Both sides are identical.
  2. Hey Paul, thanks for taking a look. Also my idea of a French king, I was thinking of Charlemagne ( Charles the Great ).
  3. Just found some more in a remote corner....
  4. Hey Guy, in fact only one small thing; a level instrument for British artillery. And if you need one on a bugle, those mouthpieces could be considered "military items " as well....
  5. A small selection of a house a colleague had to empty;
  6. There is only one person who might know that answer, but I lost track of him... He was a former member on WRF and had a great "signature"( related to the "theatrical" uniforms of the TR), I can't remember either...but give me some time!
  7. I do! Yours is very nice. I only got Dutch and Belgian's (for the moment)....
  8. Hey Marius, looks like a "fraternelle" medal. Those are unofficial medals made, by and for ,groups of old soldiers. This "group" apparently started in 1941 and commemorated it in 1961. Just need to figure out what FI/OF and PA/MP stands for. One must be Flemish and the other French. My guess would be a resistant group initiated from some other organisation. The light blue of the ribbon, makes me think "Congo", but it don't matches with the "FI/OF and PA/MP"..... No great values accorded to these medals, they can go from 10 to 30 euro....
  9. Got more then I wished for in less then one week! Been hunting this fire fighter helmet of the city of Antwerp for years... All this stuff comes from a long time collector I did lost track off, and who reappear a few weeks ago. Gave him my wish list and here it all is....
  10. Thanks Guy, love them too! Had a swap with a fellow collector.
  11. Could it be Dutch!? The "W" makes me think so... But probably; Braunschweigischer Orden !
  12. Very pleased with what I got in today! Two police helmets (all ready had the one on the right). A belt buckle, a hawker badge, and chariot taxes badges. I didn't even knew those badges ever existed...
  13. Stuka f

    Medal to identify

    Construction also makes me think; French. Definitely not Belgian to me.
  14. Hello, would anyone know which medal this exactly is, please? It was identified as French religious mid 19 th century, and the ribbon is garbage, but nothing more.... According to the owner it is gold.
  15. She got me this today (found on facebook, I am not on facebook!)
  16. I am fully aware of that! ;-) She is my second wife, so able to compare! And after 20 years of being together (only married for 10 years to here) we managed to get a house and a warehouse on the same ground. And" my man cave" is bigger then "here house"
  17. You better open a new thread, so this on stays on track. Wow.Heavy stuff here!
  18. Got a small left over of printing material, kept by a formal printer, ...
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