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  1. looks like pewter but weights like bronze, no marking. It is 22.5 by 11 cm and weights nearly 1 kg!
  2. First answers are positive. It is a nice WWI pilot brevet, but dating it is quiet difficult; it could be post war, up to 1920.
  3. I could ask on a French forum if you want!?
  4. l am quiet confident in it being genuine. It reveals a dove tail construction, like one would expect on originals. Also have a few of them to compare it to.
  5. Thank you! I did try to google it, but it didn't give anything over here... I did manage to find the regiment with google.
  6. hello, could some one en-light me on what the badge under the regimental badge could mean.
  7. Thank you. And no need for translation, I am ok with Spanish.
  8. Interesting site. Thanks for pointing it out. Amazing number of different swords they have had. I had no idea. Wish there was a list like that about Belgian blades. Any way, here it is;
  9. Thank you! I'll have a look.
  10. hello, it was just ID, by one of the members specialized in medals. It must be Scottish and indeed most probably masonic related. The coat of arms and the motto are those of the Dundas familly. "Dundas Comte de Zetland - Ecosse - (Baronet, 16 nov. 1762; baron Dundas d'Aske, 13 août 1794; comte de Z., 2 juillet 1838) - D'argent au lion de gueules enclos dans un double trêcheur fleuronné et contre-fleuronné du même Cimier une tête de léopard de gueules couronnée à l'antique d'or brochant sur un bosquet de chêne de sinople englanté d'or Supports deux lions au naturel couronnés à l'antique d'or colletés chacun d'une couronne de chêne de sinople englantée d'or portant chacun suspendu au collier un écusson celui à dextre d'argent au chef-sautoir de gueules et le canton d'argent ch d'un lion de sable (Bruce) celui à senestre losangé d'argent et de gueules (Fitzwilliam) Devise ESSAYEZ" Une médaille d'origine écossaise donc. D'autre blason de la famille DUNDAS presque similaire existent.Peut etre une loge maçonnique....
  11. Sorry wrong section, it should have been posted in; Germany: Third Reich: Research, Documentation & Photographs if a mod could adjust my mistake, please, I would much appreciate.
  12. hello all, a colleague on a French forum is looking for any info regarding a member of his family who committed suicide after the plot of 20 July 1944. He only has a picture of the burial and the name and rank, major Deming, active LW officer at that time.
  13. Thanks Peter! I did found a similar one on the net, but don't know what it is worth (speaking about the info!).
  14. Hey Peter, no it is definitely Spanish with the coat of arms in the hilt. Wasn't able to post more pic's in my previous message, should post this one first.
  15. forgot to show you this one. Can't tell you much about it, except that it is marked Toledo and 1854. 97 cm long.
  16. Just got some additional information. The city of Rouen happens to be the godparent of the ship "Jeanne D'Arc" (a school ship), that explains why the medal mentions here.
  17. The guy's replied it is a life saving medal! The coat of arms is from the city of Rouen. Other medals of that kind can be seen at; http://www.semon.fr/LES MEDAILLES DE SAUVETAGE_3.htm
  18. It was id on a other forum, as "probably" being a Dutch officer's M 1813 n°1 for light cavalry. A other forum said Dutch all right, but about 1820.
  19. No problem, my pleasure. You must be able to erase your email address from your previous message.Otherwise you can ask a mod to do it for you.
  20. Hey Magnus, people can contact you by personal message when clicking your pseudo. It just isn't a good idea to put your email address on a public forum.
  21. I can ask on a French forum if you want...
  22. Hey Peter, thanks for your reply. It is indeed a sword that has the look of many others of his time. But there is always a small detail that doesn't match with the ones I can find on the net. Thanks for the date the company started, I have been searching for it, but couldn't find it!
  23. Hello all, would anyone know what sword this is please? Got it wit a German sword out of the woodwork and when I bought it, thought it was German too. It had to go quickly ;-) Until I opened it at home...signed A Ronge Liége.
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