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    Australian, English and German WW1 Navy and Australian and German WW1 Army.
    Special interest and wanting to buy any items from HMAS SYDNEY and SMS EMDEN. WW1
  1. I may be wrong, but I've always believed those tally bands were used for ceremony's only, such as Funerals or honour guards, they represent the whole Kaiserliche Marine service, not just a particular Ship. Maybe someone else has a better explanation.
  2. Hi, I've just checked the Navy records and it's definitely a different Sailor, the Raymond Keith Morris who was lost on the Sydney was an Australian born Sailor from South Australia. I hope that helps, Kevin
  3. we had many British Sailors serving on Australian Ships and the same in reverse, many sailors were "on loan" so yes it could be the same sailor.
  4. Hi Paul, You may be right, it may have just been the beer talking. I did ask his wife many years after he died if he was in the SS, she said yes but didn't tell me what Regiment or anything else, the conversation ended. The matter only came up again because my Daughter is doing the Family tree.
  5. Thank you Paul, I guess it's just wait and see.... but there is no rush.. Kevin.
  6. Thank you Hucks I will give her the information, we didn't know where to start. I will let you know if we find anything out, even if it takes the six months. Regards, Kevin.
  7. Thanks for the fast reply, The soldier in question was my ex father in law who passed away many years ago..... I knew he had been in the Army and I once asked if he had ever seen Hitler, he was a very heavy drinker and he told me yes he was in the SS and part of Hitlers body guard, his wife rushed in and stopped him from talking and it was never mentioned again. Now some 40 years later my daughter wants to find out the truth about her grandfather.... he was Latvian born and his name was Boloslavs Brzeskis and his wife was German I don't know if he was telling the truth or it was the beer talking, but I do know he was a German Officer who served at the Russian front. I can find out his birth date and I guess my eldest Daughter would now be his next of kin. Thanks again. Regards, Kevin.
  8. Hi, Does anyone know if you can find the records of a SS Officer by name only or any German soldier of the Third Reich Regards, Kevin
  9. Hi, These type of "find" story's warm the heart, I was talking to a fellow collector who was at a gun and militaria show with his Father, he picked up a WW1 trio that was for sale, looked at the name on the rim and found it was his Grandfathers medals that were lost many decades prior. He said the shock and excitement was so great, Dad had to sit down. I also found a WW1 photo of my wife's Grandfather with 2 of his soldier mates on ebay, the odds of these things happening are incredible but there are story's out there...... anyone else? Regards, Kevin.
  10. Hi all, The auction was yesterday and after all the talk and anticipation the collection was passed in. In saying that, I watched the auction for 3 days and there wasn't a lot of money about so disappointing all round I would say..... Thank you for your interest. Regards, Kevin.
  11. Thanks Paul, I didn't know about the export licence, but I think it's a good law to have for any country, I believe anything of national importance should stay in the country of issue. I will find out if this group is covered by the law. Kevin.
  12. I just wish you could see the other items with it.... the Navy and personal documents are in excellent condition one signed by Captain Glossop, the hand painted diagram of the battle course is in water colour and is amazing, his sword, cocked hat in it's tin with Turnbull's name on it, marriage certificate, last will and testament... a piece of shrapnel from an Emden Shell...the list goes on, just an amazing lot. also a Group From H.Pierce ERA there is a photo of his group on the website as well, also a note book with every port that HMAS Sydney docked through out it's service and a hand written letter telling of the ship leaving tomorrow for Albany to escort Australia and New Zealand's finest who became the original ANZAC's, it's a letter that's a prelude to Australia's Military History, also a hand written account of the Sydney/ Emden battle. Harry was on the Sydney from commissioning to de- commissioning The item numbers for the Auction are 3504 and 3505 other items that may be of interest are 3506, 3507 and 3508.
  13. Hi Rob, Yes the group you saw for sale in Australia is the same one as being mentioned here. It was decided this would be the best way to sell them, the auction house put an estimate of $40,000.00 but they feel it may reach $50,000.00 we are hoping that they may end up in the Australian War Memorial or Maritime museum. Thank you all for your interest if your interested in seeing the outcome they will be auctioned by Nobles Numismatics Auctions Sydney Australia on the 28th November 2013, you can now see the Medals on there website. Regards, Kevin.
  14. Thanks for that information Paul, a very nice grouping, it made interesting reading. We in Australia have just celebrated our 1st centenary for our Navy, it makes you realise what a young country we are when we had visiting navies from around the world including the English and Spanish Navy who have been around for hundreds of years.
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