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    1. I think the rifle is à remington rolling block. The mark 1 version. Made under license by Nagant in Liège.
    2. Might be a Gaunt version. The yellow bar means it was given during the war. after WW2 this became orange. I think the spink version has a Bar but i could be wrong
    3. from right to left. EU Defense & Security Operations Service Medal. NATO Medal Kosovo. NATO Medal Former Yugoslavia. UN Mali MINUSMA medal. Dutch Army Medal. Medal for Long service and Dedication. Dutch Kosovo Medal. Remembrance medal for Peace Operation with 2 Batons. 1 EU Operations 2 UN Operations Remembrance Medal for Multinational Peacekeeping Operations. For 2 Missions. p.s. The other medal bar is older. left medal is for lebanon wich was in 1979-1983
    4. Does anybody know this medal?
    5. probably is belgium. they had a lion's head on their adrian helmet.
    6. MK licensce plate is märkischer kreis. but i don't know if they used that system then. It's located i the lower sauerland.
    7. Sad to hear this. bought some medals through his ebay site. my deepest condolances
    8. Dear gentlemen, i recently found this badge but can't find anything about it online. Any info would be much appreciated.
    9. http://www.mymedals.nl/MyMedals/LongService/1958 Volunteer Medal.html it's in English
    10. I bought this online. any information would be nice. i know its swedish
    11. I have a version where the date is in the medal and not on it. is this a fake or a different maker
    12. not a big photoshopper hope this helps.
    13. Dear Gentlemen, I bought this medal on Ebay. But i can't date it look third republic but it has intricate detail. no makers mark. maybe privatly made?....
    14. Richter means judge in german. The n.o.k. badge is probably a member badge for the dutch Olympic commitee. The horse medals are probably won as equestrian prizes. Some of them are from the royal military sporting association.
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