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  1. I've seen these before and often though that they were a odd topic for an item to be made out of china. I can't help with the history of the item but it is interesting to look at a WW I tank and think that when this piece was manufactured such tanks were the leading edge of military technology. Compaired with today's tanks they were lumbering targets for the German gunners. I think the Germans called them "Tommy Roasters". But still they were the Stealth Bombers of their day. Cheers Brian
  2. Hi Peter, You are right on the money. In my youth (long since past) I have owned several of these pieces and they are indeed made for the tourist trade though they are quite impressive. Regards Brian
  3. Hi Kevin, I think you have hit the nail on the head. If Canadians want to keep such items in our country, and we should, we must be prepared to purchase the items outright. Far too often we tend to complain that our heritage is being sold and then it resides outside of the country, however, we are not prepared to do anything about it. It is easier to claim that the government must pass laws to do what we are too lazy or cheap to do for ourselves as private citizens. There must be organizations within Canada who can raise such a fund to purchase and preserve such items. Ok, I've vented an
  4. Hi Yank44, I don't think the wearing of another man's medals is proper regardless of relationship. I would no sooner wear my father's medals than I would want my own son to wear my "retired" badge. There are many ways to show pride in one's ancestors without the wearing of their medals and awards. I know this is off the topic of the "letter of the law" but I felt I should offer this up as a matter of principal. Whether the law would allow it or not the medals belong to another person for service and deeds they performed. Perhaps I'm being a bit too stuffy but that's how see it. Brian
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