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  1. This could be, although I'm not entirely convinced, given the slender nature of the arms of the cross. It would be incorrect that a wartime decoration be worn behind the centenary medal. Given the shape and size of the medal I also doubt this is a OK2. I wonder when this picture was taken, if it were to be taken after 1922 it would mean that he had gotten another decoration. Had the picture been taken in 1922 or before it could be an unofficial award. Perhaps something Freikorps/Kriegerverein related?
  2. Maybe the Hohenzollern honourcross with swords and crown? That would match the device and the ribbon
  3. I agree with Dave. For the last ribbon I was thinking about the Finnish freedomcross or perhaps the Olympia-medaille. The picture is post-1933. We are missing the FEK, so I'm not 100% on board with the Olympia-medaille. Kind regards, Laurentius
  4. Lovely painting Claudio, although I think the hanseatic cross is from Bremen rather than Hamburg. A Bavarian with several orders and a zentenarenmedaille should be easy to identify. Fingers crossed. Kind regards, Laurentius
  5. To use devices was often a choice made by the owner, not something which was regulated. There were lots of differences between the post-1933 regulations (which were basically an amendment of the Prussian regulations) and the Bavarian wartime regulations. Rick L used to have a list of Bavarian precedence on WAF, which I sadly cannot find at the moment, however, Wartime awards, even from different states, had precedence over peacetime awards from their own state. The problem with ribbonbars and medalbars in general is that one can usually find an example of every possible combination one can think of. Kind regards, Laurentius
  6. Bavarians can be rather capricious when it comes to medalbars. Although it goes against precedence most of the Bavarian officers went their own way. I managed to find a picture on the forum of a medalbar where the MVO4x and the MVO4 are seperated. I know there are atleast several other ones on this forum, but this is the first one I found.
  7. I don't think it was this one either, since Friedrich Franz wasn't alive during the Napoleonic wars. I'm still fairly confident in my choice, the Prussian Red Cross decoration.
  8. We often see this yes, although it goes against the precedence regulations set by the Bavarian state. My safest bet would be behind the EK or behind the Anhalt Friedrichkreuz.
  9. Swords take precedence. The peace-time MVO would either go behind the EK or behind the Anhalt Friedrichkreuz, both would be acceptable for a Bavarian. Hope this helps
  10. Which piece in the collection do you refer to? 🤣😅 In all honesty though, every single piece in the picture would make a fine addition to this thread.
  11. I disagree, unless he is wearing a smaller version of the Jubiläumsdenkmünze it doesn't fit. I would also be inclined to wonder why a prince from Mecklenburg got a medal meant for former Hannoverian troops, when Mecklenburg served on the opposite side during the war. In my opinion this is the German red cross medal. Kind regards, Laurentius
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