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  1. Nice pic's Morten. But what happened to your new scanner ??? Regards,Martin.
  2. My latest pick up. Oblt,z.S,Hermann Schrenk,Ship's Admin.HK Thor 2. Regards,Martin.
  3. Thanks for the information Ed. I found a copy of the book you mentioned on abebooks.com. A good price and i might go for it. Regards,Martin.
  4. Again,not Kriegsmarine and probably pre-1933 and one i have not seen before. Just picked this one up for the "Marine.Flieger,Abteilung". I do not even see this tally listed in Horst Rivier's Book,"Die Mutzenbander der Deutschen Reichsmarine und der Marine des III,Reiches-1920-1945". Regars,Martin.
  5. Great set Karl and thanks for posting. My grandfather was in the RFA during WWI and here is a photo i have of him as a Sergeant circa 1919. He was a regular and not a territorial,maybe this has something to do with the placement of the insignia on the sleeve ?? Not too sure here so maybe someone more knowledgble can add some input Regards,Martin.
  6. Hi Mervyn, yes i am interested In Kriegsmarine items,I collect mainly photographs and award documents now. I find most items on dealer sites in Germany,Canada and here in the States. A large majority of my photo collection came via the e-stand at the WAF Forum. Recently,i have renewed my old interest in British items,regimental cap badges,sweetheart badges and home front badges Regards,Martin.
  7. I found this on line. A quote from the Liverpool,New South Wales Newspaper,Thursday 11 December 1941. "JACKS DAY,FOR DEPENDANTS,HMAS SYDNEY AND PARRAMETA". "The gallant men of the Sydney and Parrametta have gone. They fell at their posts,fighting to keep the war away from Australian shores and preserve that peace which we have enjoyed in this country for 150 years. The least we can do for them is to carry out what they would all wish-to ensure that their dependants who have lost so much will at least be cared for,and that our sympathy for them is more than empty words". Great words. Regards,Martin.
  8. Thanks mate. Now i am trying to find out more info on my grandad's brothers,my great uncles. I know one was in the RA and the other was in the Black Watch. Also,i am trying to get information on my maternal grandfather who fought in WWI with the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. I am fortunate in the fact that they all survived the war. Regards,Martin
  9. This is what i have to date Rick. I posted this info in the OC area a few days ago. Regards,Martin. http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/63444-august-16-1914/
  10. Thanks for posting the blog Rick. Interesting as my grandad was in the 26th Brigade RFA. Cheers,Martin.
  11. Hi Mervyn, i purchased the badge from a seller in Canada. Anyway,a somewhat related item here. This is a document that was sent from Germany to a Kormoran crewman who was intered at Murchison POW camp in Australia. The document informs the crewman that he has been awarded the "Krigeabzeichen fur Hilfskreuzer". I beleive that many of the survivors of the Kormoran were intered at Murchison. Regards,Martin.
  12. Hi guys, this is very interesting little badge i just picked up. I beleive it was produced by the Royal Australian Navy Releif Fund in December 1941 to assist the dependants of the the crewmen from the HMAS Sydney (sunk by the Hilfskreuzer Kormoran) and the Parrametta (sunk by the U-559). Both ships were sunk in November 1941. It was declared that December 19,1941 would be celebarated as "Jack's Day" to help raise money for the dependants. The badge shows an image of the Sydney along with the words "Jack's Day 1941". The badges were sold at the price of one shilling,the price being visible above the name of HMAS Sydney. On November 19 1941 the Sydney and the Kormoran sank each other off the west coast of Australia. Sadly,all hands were lost on the Sydney. Regards,Martin.
  13. There are a couple of editions for sale at abebooks.com It's a very helpful book if you are into tallies. Cheers,Martin.
  14. Here is a page from the book "Die Mutzenbander der Deutschen Reichsmarine und der Marine des III. Reiches". by Horst Rivier. Cheers,Martin
  15. Much better Morten. My guess would be "Unterseebootsflottille Salzwedel" ?? Regards,Martin.
  16. Hi Morten, the image is too small for me to read. Can you "zoom in" a little more ?? Regards,Martin.
  17. Here is a similar type of emblem with the eale and mine,but this one beloned to "Minensuchgruppe 1." a Luftwaffe "Mausi" unit that engaged in Minesweeping operations flying converted Ju 52's. Regards,Martin.
  18. This is a great photo Morten. I have been searching my references to try and find out as to what Flotille/ship this emblem belonged to. No luck yet. Cheers,Martin.
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