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    Hilfskreuzer awards,docuuments and photographs,especially the HK's THOR and MICHEL.

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  1. Glad you like the photo Morten. Cheers,Martin.
  2. First photo I have picked up in a while. In this case mainly for the HK award in wear. KM and Heer uniforms. Cheers,Martin.
  3. A similar type of sweater is illustrated here in Die Kriegsmarine Vol 2.
  4. Great photo !! Seeing this type of sweater in wear on a KM photo is uncommon. Cheers,Martin.
  5. My uncle Gordon passed away a few years ago.Everyone called him Don. He served in the 21st Independent Parachute Company in WWII,pathfinders I believe ? At my request,I recently received these photo's from my cousin of his medals. We have the 1939-45 Star,France and Germany Star,Defence Medal,General Service Medal with Palestine Bar and two Terretorial Medals,one with two 6 year bars. Nice to finally get the photo's of this grouping. Cheers,Martin. Here's a photo I have of him taken in Caen,July 1944.
  6. Some great looking awards here.This is one of my Juncker Hilfskreuzer awards. This one belonged to Kaptlt. Erich Kuhn who was 1st Officer on the HK Atlantis. Cheers,Martin
  7. Nice one Morten.I also have a photo of a tally in wear from that ship. Cheers,Martin.
  8. A rare one indeed and it is nice to see one of these in wear. That is a great photo. Cheers,Martin.
  9. Thank you Morten. Every now and then a little Hilfskreuzer gem gets my attention. It's not that I have stopped collecting entirely,but lets say I am getting a liitle more selective in my old age and I do not make many purchases now. Cheers,Martin.
  10. Kriegsberichter,Heinz Tischer. He served on the second cruise of the HK THOR. He was awarded the EKII,EKI,HK and Blockadebrecher awards.After the THOR was destroyed in Yokohama Harbour he made it back to Germany on the Blockade Runner PIETRO ORSEOLO.
  11. A new addition of the Hilfskreuzer award in wear.A nice colorized family photo. Cheers,Martin.
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