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    1. hello here the same globe on ebay ???the guy dont wright that the globe from after the ware is ??? ebay is dangeres http://cgi.ebay.de/U-BOOT-STERNFINDER_W0QQitemZ290390158777QQcmdZViewItemQQptZMilitaria?hash=item439c9a2db9 best regards g
    2. hello paint from your sternfinder is from after the war look on the webcite from our friend max there you can see the 2 models exist and used by the kriegsmarine http://www.atlantik-pirat.com/Der%20Atlantik-Pirat.htm best regards g
    3. hello i think i see this or the same on ebay i think its from after the war no kriegsmarine the paint is also from after the was i hope you dont pay toomatch best regards g
    4. ola alejandro u boot or not spield geine rolle ?????its stil a biutifol piece for my this items are more rare as a helmet or uniforms or medals??? a box like yours i never see ???and medals and uniforms ??wen have money so mutch you want to buy i hope you understand wat i mene sorry my englisch is so bad ??? best regards gunther
    5. 20eu ????for that price you can buy a packet with frensch frites in belgium wen you sale for 20 eu i tahke them al 10 or 20 pieces i tahke them al best regards g
    6. ola alejandro it biutifol a have a question i see on u tube 2 or 3 voltmeter with black dial do you know the valiu of this voltmeter???? best regards g
    7. hello colin the ruderanzeiger and these 2 meters are new condition and stil in working condition i buy them long thime ago in berlin
    8. hello colin o my telegraph commes from the wrak uc71 he sunk himself on the way to england wen the war was endet i restorated by myself yes i know these pieces you find only in sunken wraks and are verry rare best regards g
    9. hello your u boat displa is top its beter tan a museum best regards to spain gunther
    10. hello c i have also pieces from u boats kaiserliche marine here somme pics the telegraph is from the uc71 the ruderanzeiger is stil in working condition the last pic is a tauchretter from the u 11 kaiserliche marine here pics greetz g
    11. hello n the black paint you see was not normal paint but ??teer ??dont know the corekt word in englisch teer is the black like the black on the roads???? under it was still littlebit blue original paint and in the dirty condition my wife dont want i comme in the hause with rosty things best regards g
    12. hello thanks gordon for your reply the minensuchboot m3 was bildet in 1915 thats the reason the bell is in iron ???war producktion the m3 was never sunk in the war the m3 is sold in 1922 to berlin and change the m3 to a privat boot or schip thats the reason the bel stil exist for my bells are the most rarest items for the navy colektors from each bell exist only ohne in the world ?????and this give my a kick to have these bells on my wall ???? best regards gunther
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