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  1. Athanase de Charette de la Contrie .1832 1911 was the last Colonel of the Pontifical Zouaves. In September of 1870 the defeat of Sedan allowed the Italian Army to conquer Rome and so ended the Pontifical State . the Regiment of Zouaves was dismissed but Charette returned to France with many men offered their services to Leon Gambetta and the Government of the National Defense . they acepted but with the name of Legion de Volontaires de le Ouest . The Legion fought bravely . Charette was ascended to the rank of General . He dont went with his men to the Repression of the Commune of Paris not because he simpatized with the Communards but for not to shot Frenchmen . A interesting man and the Zouaves itself a interesting miltary corps . very different of other hired soldiers . 

  2. Its a condolence letter to a Herr Superintendent , dated in the Field the 4th September 1918 the writer regrets the death of the son of the destinatary of the letter. the son is Schnieber KIA the 3rd September 1918 in Cambrai. the letter is signed by Lequis lieutenant General and Divisional Commander .General Arnold Lequis commanded the 12th Infantry Division during the capture of Mount Matajur in October 1917 . the 63th Upper Silesian Infantry Regiment was part of the division then and in 1918 when Schneiber fall during the defensive battles .Lequis commanded the 12th until the end of the war 

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