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  1. Hello ,After the Spanish Civil War end in 1939 the newly created Estado Español instituted the Rationing Tickets known as Cupones de Racionamiento. They existed until 1952 ,they were 13 long years of hunger or half hunger for the majority of the Spaniards . Why it was imposed ? first the Country was exhausted with a Economy near destroyed and Great Debt ,second the Second World War and the Spanish neutrality left Spain nearly Blocked . 

  2. Hello Chris , A practice very usual in armies was the continuity in service of old patterns of uniforms after a new regulation phased out it .In the Argentinian Army for example was current . until existences were used totally. or in the event of a Movilization as happened in 1978 when with the expansion in number of men into the field units reapared the old Swiss M18 steel helmets instead of the M1. In 1913 the Royal Bavarian Army was fully deployed is very possible that your man received some old uniform items 

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