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  1. Once I read the memories of a Chilean General in active during the twenties and thirties of the XX Century and a sentence expresed by him remained in my memory. When we retired we were obliged to the wear of civilian cloths and always i felt myself as disguised
  2. Your generalleutnant joined in 1865 the 7 th Pioneer Bataillon as One Year Volunteer , in 1866 he was Unteroffizier and took part inside the 7th Bon in the Austro Prussian War . in november 1867 he was Sekondeleutnant , 13 of July 1872 Premierleutnant , 11 of july 1879 Hauptmann, 17 of April 1888 Major ,18 of April 1893, Oberstleutnant, 20 of May 1896 Oberst, 3 of July 1899 Generalmajor, 12 of September 1912 Generalleutnant , He was pensioned in 1903 . In January of 1899 he was elevated to the Hereditary Nobilty . after the retirement he entered in Politic and was a member of the Prussian Lan
  3. I think that Simone refers to the current Linemann Infantry spade and not the Machine Gunners one. The Pioneer type Linemann spade currently portrayed on stormtroopers had a long staff of about 70 cm long and was carried across the back , The simplified Sturmgepack of german Infantrymen , was carried on the back and basically consisted in the normal infantry spade with a blanket and tent cloth rolled around and with the individual mess can wraped also
  4. Very Interesting ! this type of helmets were manufactured in Sao Paulo State for the use of the Forca Publica the State Militia ,core of the 1932 Revolution against the Federal Government .Revolution that took place from July to October of 1932, costed about 2000 dead and much more woundeds and failed in overthrow the Federal Government. Sao Paulo was the most wealthy State of Brazil and the more industrialized so it was capable of the manufacture of Steel helmets inclusive the rebels manufactured some AFVs to oppose to the Renault FT of the Federal Army . The Federal Army weared a cork helmet
  5. Dr Hans Thomsen was a German Diplomat and lawyer ,the facto one of the first lawyers in the Diplomatic career . born 1891 in Hamburg dead in 1962 Hamburg. he served in Oslo, then as viceconsul in Milan and Neaples , he served also in Genever as adjoint to the german representation in the League of Nations, returned to Germany was later send to Washington DC were fom 1938 to 1941 was charge of affaires ,de facto Ambassador. because of the recall of Ambassador Dieckoff . once returned to Germany he was send to Sweden as Ambassador and stay there until the end of the War.he was not charged in th
  6. Hello , The Canadian Militia has a History very distinctive. i suggest you to enter in canadaatwarblog. wordpress com.
  7. Certainly looks old , made of a wool cloth , not serge , the buttons are of the model used between 1901 and 1924 and with the maple leaves separated . another type bear the maple leaves united in a sort of garland.
  8. Does not looks as the current M 1957 Soviet Officers Dirk . Perhaps its as you says a Marshall type one Another pssibility is a Diplomatic dagger , Soviet Diplomatics received special uniforms in 1943 pigeon grey in colour with SBs and braids .
  9. Hello, likes mixed, Prussian haube and Russian spike .
  10. This photo reads : Brit isches Konigin Geburstag parade Munchen 1957 . that is British Queen Birthday parade ,Munich 1957. That dont means Elizabeth present in the photo. The official birthday of British Sovereigns took and takes place in London with the Monarch reviewing the Guard Units .
  11. Hello, the uniform looks as rifle green in colour and the fez is more a pillbox with tassel than a fez . The Burma Rifles weared a similar uniform but the men portrayed are africans . Regarding the West India Regiment I remember that the men of these unit wear a colourful uniform Zouave Style ,
  12. The Calcutta Light Horse was also a Reserve unit , as Peter says , a subsidized social Club , But the Calcutta Light Horse took part in the Raid that destroyed the German ship Ehrenfels into the Portuguese Port of Goa , a colonial settlement in India. A movie was filmed about Operation Creek many years ago . with Gregory Peck , Sir Roger Moore, David Niven , Trevor Howard and Patrick Magnee. Sea Wolves was the name
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