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  1. Stuka , Nueva Granada was a Spanish Viceroyalty created in 1717 that lasted until 1819 .You can take a look in Wikipedia about it. Viceroyalty of New Granada .
  2. Hello ,Republica de Nueva Granada was the name of a Nation of the North of South America which was created in 1831 and existed until 1858 being replaced by the Grenadine Confederation which transformed in 1863 into The United States of Colombia . Nueva Granada comprised today Colombia and Panama
  3. Curiously they not used Sutterlin .Regarding Volksdeutsche , Artur Plheps is a good example, Born in Transylvania when it belonged to Austria Hungary and of German ethnicity he was Imperial Officer in WW1 ,then Romanian ,reaching the rank of Romanian General ,he resigned for political reasons and when Romania enter in the War alongside Germany he returned to the military but inside the Waffen SS as all the Volksdeutschen who chosen not to stay into their national armies
  4. Stuka , appears to be original and in good shape But ,always are points to clear , the reinforcement of the frontal peak looks like copper , rare . the spike looks as gilded iron sheet in the lower part and bronze the cone . finally i can not define if the eagle is made of iron sheet painted grey or if once was gilded .well thats my thoughts .
  5. Peter , do you know these Artillerymen method used to fire . one shot short the other long ,then you divided the diference between and the third shot must fall certere . Well ,we need the one who made bullseye The field is Spain and there options are Fabrica de Armas de Toledo or Fabrica de Trubia .
  6. Of course, the Savoyan Knot could relate to de Sardinian Dinasty or to Savoia Carignan Branch ,punctually ,Prince Eugen Of Savoy Carignan the great Feldherr in Habsburg service . I searched for portraits of Sardinian and Italian Kings looking for Marshal batons .no finds
  7. Hello Gentlemen , South American sword ? I not believe, Argentine , Chile , Brazil ,Bolivia ,Peru , Colombia, Equator and Venezuela and Uruguay ,used French or German types of swords and sabres . Your sword is much alike to the Spanish sword sabre ,sic Puerto Seguro .in use since 1903 . with variants . or perhaps is a Canadian variant of the British 1908 . It looks as a very well made piece of good materials .
  8. Carol I , As I explained before the title of Maresciallo d Italia was a creation of Mussolini naturally under the Savoia Dinasty Reign . Two of these Marshals were Armando Diaz and Pietro Badoglio. Both batons are conserved and were of Ivory with gold fittings ,covered with dark red velvet and with Savoia crosses on the body . silver crosses .
  9. Eric My pleasure ! bolewt 58 , its true , the Bavarians remained monarchists and I think that not was until 1921 that the crown was discarded .
  10. In fact was one of two variants weared by Freikorps von Epp when it was transformed in the XXI Brigade of the Provisional Reichswehr .
  11. Simius , Exactly ,Prussian epaulettes have lace in silver with black lines , Bavarian silver with light blue ,Saxon silver with green , Imperia Navy and Schutztruppen and Marines ,silver lace with two lines one red the other black .
  12. Hello ,I agree with Carol I ,none of the classes of the Crucea de onoare pentru Merit included surmonting crown .
  13. All were abolished , but internally the Regiments continued to be referred with the old names
  14. 1812 , The answer is Yes and No . yes because they were not regulations at the beggining of the War to the matter , No because soon was decided that all the regimental Names were discarded due to the fact that many were of Monarchs of enemy Powers .
  15. What can I see on the pic are : a man with bavarian officer pickelhaube, behind him what appears a stahlhelm with some design painted on the front and the Bavarian shield on the left side and a man with stahlhelm moustache and Bavarian borte over the collar of his tunic
  16. Linasl , Oberarzt yes but not Prussian . Silver lace with red lines denotes Hesse Darmstadt .
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