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  1. 13 hours ago, Carol I said:

    I see no contradiction with the batons in the Royal Library that could have been the symbol of the king's position as commander in chief of the army. The presence of the decorative Savoyard knots on one of them places it undeniably in Savoy.

    Of course, the Savoyan Knot could relate to de Sardinian Dinasty or to Savoia Carignan Branch ,punctually ,Prince Eugen Of Savoy Carignan the great Feldherr in Habsburg service . I searched for portraits of Sardinian and Italian Kings looking for Marshal batons .no finds 

  2. Hello Gentlemen , South American sword ? I not believe, Argentine , Chile , Brazil ,Bolivia ,Peru , Colombia, Equator and Venezuela and Uruguay ,used French or German types of swords and sabres . Your sword is much alike to the Spanish sword sabre ,sic Puerto Seguro .in use since 1903 . with variants . or perhaps is a Canadian variant of the British 1908 . It looks as a very well made piece of good materials . 

  3. Carol I , As I explained before the title of Maresciallo d Italia was a creation of Mussolini naturally under the Savoia Dinasty Reign . Two of these Marshals were Armando Diaz and Pietro Badoglio. Both batons are conserved and were of Ivory with gold fittings ,covered with dark red velvet and with Savoia crosses on the body . silver crosses . 

  4. 1812 , The answer is Yes and No . yes because they were not regulations at the beggining of the War to the matter , No because soon was decided that all the regimental Names were discarded  due to the fact that many were of Monarchs of enemy Powers .

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