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    Japanese WW2 Medical and war in Burma and Malaya.<br />British 14th Army in Far East.<br />2nd Bat Devonshire Regiment
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    I would say its a good one, I do not know what the writing at the bottom says but the badge at the top is the ex service mans badge. Hope this helps. James :)
  2. Hi Alex Very nice first aid bag and contents, I would love to see some better photos as I collect Japanese Medical items. The writing on the bag should say a number = (looks like this) then a letter which would mean No 2 bag and the three letters underneath would say first aid. My email is jim5indiv@aol.com if you can send some pic that would be great. The small bandage is Navy issue. Cheers James
  3. Hi All, I have this in my collection, I think it was brought back to the UK at the end of WW2, but it relates to WW1. Its black and has a side view of a man with the inscription Adolf Furst then Zu Schaumburg Lippe, then on the reverse a naked man on horse back with 1917 and some words. Any ideas of what this was awarded for? Many thanks James Stanski
  4. An original 5th Indian Division cloth badge Red ball on black background, an original 23rd Indian Division cloth badge red cockeral, an original 17th Indian Division cltoh badge black cat on yellow background and original 25th Indian Division cloth badge black spade on green background. All from the Far East, Burma and Malaya in WW2.
  5. Hi All I have this in my collection, it has it's original box (no markings) and its ribbon and I would like to know what criteria it was awaded for and what its value is. Many thanks indeed Regards Stanski
  6. I have to say I do like Japanese "Meatball" flags, the one shown here was brought back from burma in 1945. It was picked up from the battle field at Kohima by member of the 4th Bat Royal West Kents that fought a whole Japanese division for 14 days. It was found in the crown of a helmet. I have another flag from the same place and same man which has a tiger on it, i will get that photographed and posted, its the best one I have ever seen. thanks
  7. Hi, My Grandfather (on my mothers side) was awarded the Bronze Star Medal. I have a copy of the citation which reads: Lt Col john Reffelle Spencer, (Regimental No. 113260), British Army is awarded the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service from 1 March 1944 to 8 May 1945. Lt. Colonel Spencer rendered conspicuous service to the United States by assisting U.S. agencies in the coordination of overseas shipments of petroleum supplies from the U.K. to the U.S Forces in Northern Europe participating in the war with Germany. His devotion to duty and sympathetic dealings with the problems arising in connection with this work contributed materially to the successful supply of petroleum products to the Allied Forces in Northern Europe. How do I find out any more information about the award and possible a copy of his certificate. no one in my family has this and the above came from the Public records office in Kew London. Any help would be very much appreciated. Regards James (Stanski)
  8. Hi Don and Laurence, Many thanks indeed for the identification, now I have an idea of the organisation I will do some research. Once again big thank you. Warmest regards James
  9. Hi, I agree that you need to see the helmet first, some times you pick an item up and you just know its right. The stamp in the picture is the size mark. If you can look at it check out the liner, it should have a ink stamp on the inside canvas pocket. You do see these repainted during the war, different theater different shades, but check to see if any holes have been filled in, these were issued after the war with US liners in. I hope this is of some use. Regards Stanski
  10. Hi, This came from my Great Uncle who was with the 2nd Devons and was in Berlin at the end of the war. I would like to know what Rank it is and what organisation it relates to please. Many thanks Stanski
  11. Hi All, Here is a picture of some Medical Tape that I have in my collection. I would like to ask that if anyone has any material about Japanese Medical items from TM's of pictures etc then please let me know as I would like a copy. Many thanks and I hope you are liking the photos. Regards James (Stanski)
  12. This is a Japanese Wound tag, its made of cardboard with detachable sides and a metal ring for the cord. You do see fakes of these made of very thin paper, non detachable sides and a basic hole punch at the top. Hope this is of interest. I do also have a full translation of it if anyone is interested. Regards James
  13. Japanese Army and one Navy bandage, I hope they are of interest. Regards James
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