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  1. A great thanks to both of you ! I would never have found this one. According to the 1939 Stellenbezetzung, he was transfered to Infanterie-Regiment 56.
  2. Hi everyone ! I'm asking once more for your kind help. Could anyone identify the signature of this Hauptmann from 1. Kompanie Infanterie-Regiment 109 from 35. Infanterie-Division. He was in command in 1936 until at least 1938. Thanks in advance, Satzar.
  3. Here is mine from a Unteroffizier from leichte Flaktransportbatterie (mot.) 68/IV. It looks like it has been signed by the same officer as yours, Stewy. Cheers, Satzar
  4. Hi everyone ! I'm asking once more for your kind help. Could you identify the signature of those officers from the Werhbezirkskommando Lübben (Spreewald). The first one was a major in 1940 and the other one was Oberstleutnant in april 1944. Thanks in advance, Satzar.
  5. Thanks for your help ! Thanks to you, I'll be able to add a name to those signatures in my database. Cheers, Satzar
  6. Hi everyone ! Thanks again for trying to help me with this artillery officer. I have more riddles for you. I recently acquired the soldbuch, the wehrpass and other docs to a soldier from Panzer Artillery Regiment 80 from 8. Panzer Division. I have trouble finding the names of his commanding officer. Here is the signature of the commanders of 4. Batterie. The first was in command at the end of 1941 and in 1942. The second was in command in 1943, it looks like Jans (?). The last one was in command of the 1. Batterie or 3. Batterie of schwere Artillerie Abteilung 763 in 1944. Thanks a lot for the help, Satzar
  7. Thank you for your answer, I wasn't aware of the difference between Abteilung-Führer and Abteilung commander. It's nice to learn new things like that. I guess this Hauptmann will stay unknown then. Cheers, Satzar
  8. Hi everyone ! I'm new to this forum and for my first post, I have a little question for you. I have a black wound badge citation signed by the commander of the II. Abteilung of the Artillerie Regiment 107 in september 1943 but I can't quite make out his name. Cheers, Satzar
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