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  1. Hello Daniel, Great news! Keep up the good work! When do you think the book will be published? Cheers, Albert
  2. Beau Newman - thank you very much for these photos, they make me want this book even more, it’s beautiful and on my shopping list!
  3. Thanks again! Looks like there were three editions. The 1st from 1927 is shorter than the 2nd (1928) and 3rd (1938), so looks like the lists are in the 2nd and 3rd editions. I'll buy the 3rd edition in the near future.
  4. Schießplatzmeister and ixhs - many thanks! Great that, contrary to what I thought before, there is a book with the list of recipients of MMO, and it's quite cheap. I'll buy it soon! ixhs - please let us know when your article about GMMM is published! If anyone has anything to add, especially about other books on Württemberg orders and decorations, please do so!
  5. Thanks once again for the reply! I do have all seven volumes of Neal W. O’Connor’s masterpiece. In fact my interest in WW1 German orders and decorations started after I bought these books. They are simply wonderful. I decided to buy Klein’s and Raff’s second volume - thank you for your recommendation! Do you know other good books about WW1 Wuerttemberg orders and decorations? Very best regards, Albert
  6. Thank you very much for the reply! I knew about existence of these two books, but I had doubts whether they are what I’m searching for, and they are quite expensive. After your recommendation I’ll give them a second thought 🙂 I’m mainly interested in WW1 orders and decorations - do I need both volumes or only the second will be enough? I still think that a lack of book about Military Merit Order, containing a list of all recipients, means that Wuerttemberg is the least researched from 5 strongest Imperial German states. There are books about most prestigeous orders from Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony and Baden... Very best regards, Albert
  7. One of my favourite orders, I hope updated list of recipients will be published sooner than later. Willi Geile's book was published 22 years ago!
  8. Hello Gents, I wonder why, apparently, Württemberg's orders and medals are the least researched among awards from 5 strongest Imperial German states. As far as I know, there's even no book about the Military Merit Order (Militärverdienstorden). What is the reason? Maybe incomplete archives? If so, why are they incomplete? War damage? Cheers, Albert
  9. Hello Kornel, The title is "Prussian and Other Imperial German Award Statistics". Here's the cover: If you want the book, please write a private message to Paul C, I'm sure he will help you This book is great and very rare, so don't hesitate! Best regards, Albert
  10. Dave - you're right, during WW1 lower grades of Red Eagle and Crown Order were not commonly awarded, while HHO was (well, of course if we say "common" about Order awarded only over 8000 times). Before the war, it was the other way round. The reason for this change is not known. Panzerpionier - sorry, right now I don't remember in which other book than "Aviation Awards..." vol. II we can read about HHO being an intermediate award to PLM.
  11. Dear Panzerpionier, It's true. It was rare that a PLM recipient didn't get Knight's Cross (or other cross) of the Royal Hohenzollern House Order first. During WW1 8291Knight's Crosses of HHO and 687 PLMs (plus 122 Oak Leaves) were awarded. A good example is Werner Voss. First he got Iron Cross 2nd Class, then Iron Cross 1st Class, later Knight's Cross of HHO and finally PLM (strangely no other awards). You can read about it for example in excellent Neal W. O'Connor's "Aviation Awards..." vol. II (Prussia). Cheers, Albert
  12. Thank you very much, Demir! So far I have "Ottoman Medals and Orders. Documented History". Soon I will buy the other books, including your!
  13. Hello Demir, In one of the pinned topics you recommend 3 other books on Turkish orders and medals. If I had all 4 books, do you think it's enough or do you recommend any other books? Cheers, Albert
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