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  1. Not a thing heard since they were stolen (the police say that they have no firm leads)... as someone said in another thread probably overseas by now in a private collection from which they will never reappear.
  2. Gentlemen, as you are doubt aware, all of these VCs and GCs were stolen in the raid at the weekend. The police have announced tonight that they are following strong leads so there is hope yet that the medals will be recovered. I will keep you posted of any developments in that direction.
  3. A few more of NZ's highest gallantry winners from the army. Judson VC, DCM, MM. from WW1.
  4. Two?more?outstanding?WW2?VC?groups?from?NZ... Hinton and Elliott.
  5. Aircraft from Peter Jackson's amazing collection of WW1 fighters were in action over Easter at Omaka?aerodrome?NZ. A short clip?that I shot and have just upped to You Tube... they degrade the quality to very low res but you get the idea. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muleKDF4yYE
  6. Didn't realise until I read in the paper today that Clive Hulme's son was Denny Hulme, the 1967?Formula?1 world motor racing champion. More NZ VC groups coming soon.
  7. Thanks... yes put together. The bits and pieces came from various places including from my Uncle who was a WW2 pilot.
  8. Hi Alex... thanks for your comments. Can't show the back as it is part of a display but it is stamped 800 with no maker mark. It came to me from a veteran... it had no suspension ring and no ribbon and had taken a few knocks in it's time.
  9. The image bottom right is taken from a 1997 painting by artist Robert Bailey named 'War Wolf' featuring Oscar Boesch.
  10. The VC group of the great NZ sniper Clive Hulme who the PC Brigade said last year should have been arrested for war crimes! He ventured into enemy territory and accounted for 33 German snipers in eight days on Crete whilst dressed in enemy camouflage.
  11. Is this one good? Thanks in advance for any info.
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