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  1. Hello Duncan and Hendrik France Phaléristique only present officials orders and medals the medals of "académie du dévouement national" are inclued in unofficials medals who's classed "associative medals" and about we haven't many information as part of someone. have a good day.
  2. Hello from France, you can search with " ACADEMIE DU DEVOUEMENT NATIONAL " on the web. here is a photograph of my collect. the best for all.
  3. hello from France, j read exactly 2.400 medals for the total product in the S.S.P. réference. regards.
  4. Hello from France, in S.S.P (swiss society of phaleristique) 1998 n°64. j can read rapidly 2.300 + 100 medals by A. BOVY but just for Geneve volontary men. that's just a first idea and scuse my english. the best for all.
  5. Hello, j tnink that's a french made, there's two mixed hallmarks a boar head at right and a A X C at left for Adrien Chobillon. that's just my 2 cents, and scuse my english.
  6. hello, an other information for this distintion : a diploma for 10 years / bronze medal for 15 hears / silver medal for 20 years / silver gilt for 25 years of service. a good day for all.
  7. Hello, for a medecin was the most current, also exist for "docteur", "pharmacien", " dentiste" a good day for all.
  8. hello, Here is, in the orange circle. J think that'a a realy Arthus Bertrand made. But that's better with your reading. regard pat66
  9. Bonjour de France, pour la période, c'est le modèle de la 3° république, à partir de 1870, en 1951 le modèle est modifié et existe encore un peu plus tard avec le stock. le ruban a toujours été rouge pour la légion d'honneur. sur la queue a 6h, il s'agit probablement d'une tête de sanglier. le poinçon du fabricant doit se trouver a environ 9h sur l'anneau "AB & Cie" avec le dessin : une roue surmontée d'une étoile. cordialement, Pat
  10. hello from france, j'm ok with 922F, the gold model are more finely made and have a gold spécifics hallmarks have a good day, Patrick.
  11. hello, many thank's for your message. j hope a lot of participation in this topic. the best for all.
  12. hello from france, please what can we know about this model. many thank's in advance.
  13. hello from France, 10 - the french clasp is not official on this médal 11- j think tha's a modern (and bad) issue, a knight of the merite order of the Malaguasy republic. 12 - that's a knight of the order of the star of the great comore island 13 - that's a sport medal of deutchland. sorry for my poor englich please regards, pat66
  14. hello from France, That's an original issue made by MARIE STUART house in Paris and named "modèle René", but that's no the model given by the "town of Verdun" and j think it was subsequently made than the "modèle VERNIER". Copie exist, but made with a verry bad quality in the design. regards, Patrick
  15. hello re again, other two issues, MARIE STUART at left and BACQUEVILLE (the avers is lightly bulbing) at right. that's all for this day. pat.
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