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  1. hello from France, 10 - the french clasp is not official on this médal 11- j think tha's a modern (and bad) issue, a knight of the merite order of the Malaguasy republic. 12 - that's a knight of the order of the star of the great comore island 13 - that's a sport medal of deutchland. sorry for my poor englich please regards, pat66
  2. hello from France, That's an original issue made by MARIE STUART house in Paris and named "modèle René", but that's no the model given by the "town of Verdun" and j think it was subsequently made than the "modèle VERNIER". Copie exist, but made with a verry bad quality in the design. regards, Patrick
  3. hello re again, other two issues, MARIE STUART at left and BACQUEVILLE (the avers is lightly bulbing) at right. that's all for this day. pat.
  4. hello dave, here is two issues of the DELANDE maker, with metal on the top at left and no mark at right the chobillon issue was nearly but with hallmark AXC on the top (sorry j dont'have in my collect) sea you soon, pat66 hello again, here is two issues of the Paris mint, an ancient made (matt) at left and a modern made (chrome ? bright) at right. just one time again. pat
  5. hello all, there's no doubt, that's the 1914-1915 war cross, the war cross was given immédiately (as possible) after the obtaining and near (as possible) the war place. j hope my english writing is correct. pat66
  6. hello, j think's that's the same medal maker of the modèle with the word "metal" on the top : DELANDE. other modèles exist : A MARIE STUART / CHOBILLON / BACQUEVILLE. for Paris mint exist : matt and bright. j trie to make photograph an other time. have a good sunday. pat66
  7. hello, TALABOT was (is?) known like french tool maker, especially (hammer, machete, knife for spécific works and others. The running zebra stamped was something like insigna because TALABOT export many many products in french black Africa. that's what j think and can write with my poor english. best regards, pat66
  8. hello, j agree, "médaille commémorative du Maroc" the crescent at the top of the médal is charactéristic. at right (médaille commémorative de la campagne d'orient giving for the first world war. best regards.
  9. hello, one was a non official medal, j think it's an insigna of a mutual société of ancients zouaves. that's a nice photograph, all the best, Patrick.
  10. hello from France. j'have never seen this beautiful patch on regular uniform, because it's not an official patch to be worn. a possibility is on sport wear. the first j have in my ex collect, it was in 1882. j sea in french forum if it's more informations. all the best. Patrick. scuse my English too
  11. pat66


    hello, that's the first model, with inscriptions in the branch (points) of the star, périod (1913-1926). the second model, didn't have the inscriptions and made a suite of the first model. scuse my english please. Patrick
  12. pat66


    Hello from France, the first, is an insigna of member of the U.N.C "Union Nationale des Combattant" founded in 1920, association created for grouping ancients soldiers. at time, j think it was the gratest society of ancients soldiers. the second was the Military Medal, enter 1870 and 1951. it's with 1870 in the bottom of the center and the more current model. scuse my english, Patrick
  13. pat66


    Hello from France, the Maroc commémorative médal, créated in 1909, was awarded for the opérations enter 1907 and 1912. the combattant cross was created in 1930. scuse my english, Patrick
  14. pat66


    Hello from France, j think's that "Mohamed el Habib (période : 1922-1929). all the best, Patrick
  15. hello from France, j think that's an hold and good french made, j have a same piece; and j have seen your's or the exactly same at Castres in France the 8 of this month. scuse my english please
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