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    German WW2 helmets , military history in general.
  1. Good looking helmet , Always nice to see the standard strap replaced by a rollerbuckle one.
  2. Hello Gordon, thanks. I will have a friend of mine have a look at that as I do not own a copy.
  3. I am not really a uniform and photo guy so I my experience in dating photos is non existent 🙂 I have just read the Teno chapter in the Angolia book which is very detailed , including the uniforms but the helmets section is lacking the examples I posted and which are apparent in most photos even those in the book. Helmet collectors are at this point not even 100% sure on the Teno helmet decals (no decals in photos I have seen) and I have not had the opportunity to study one. In the Angolia book up to Uniform 1936 they do not speak of helmets. Nor does he speak of them at a later stage
  4. Hello Gentlemen, I registered to gain access to this particular topic. I found it a very interesting topic on a lesser know organisation. My interest specifically goes to the helmets that were worn by the TENO. A subject which I see was not touched upon in this topic. From the few photos posted here we can see them wearing the medium duty stahlhelms without decals. (not to be confused with similar looking aluminium examples) The only other organisation I so far have observed in period photos wearing the same type of helmets is the Sicherheitsdiensts. They have the SS decal and the N
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