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  1. Does anyone know anything about a British unit, that operated in North Africa during the Second World War, named Beddy's Scouts? Any information would be appreciated. Richard
  2. The first signature is definitely Liebe's signature. The second I don't know. Richard
  3. Makes sense. I found a couple more numbers I need help with M42766 in October 1943 and M108907 or M10890. I'm not even sure if the last one was a feldpost number. It's hand-written for a clothing requisition. Thanks again Gordon. Dick
  4. Thanks again Gordon. Yes, the 9 instead of the 0 makes sense. What was a mobilisation unit and vehicle pool as it relates to u-boats? Dick
  5. Thanks Gordon. The last one is very hard to read. It could be M24932. Do you have a location for M45127. I believe that it's possibly Tech.Ausb.Gru.f.Front-U-Boote???? Thanks again. Richard
  6. Does anyone know the location for the following feldpost numbers: M25522 M03184 M11878 M24032 Thanks for any help that you can give me. Richard
  7. A belated thanks for the information on this book, Jan. I'll see if I can track it down. Richard
  8. Two more emblems I can't identify with boats. 1. Blackbird or crow 2. U-boat deck gun Thanks for any help. Richard
  9. Thanks for the help guys. Just have to figure out number 4 now. Richard
  10. Can anyone identify any of these U-boat emblems? I've tried Georg Hogel's book but couldn't find them. 1. Viking ship 2. Wolf on life preserver? 3. Rampant black panther, similar to U-861 but without globe 4. Possibly a baker or "doughboy" Thanks Richard
  11. Another promotion document with an original Raeder signature to Herbert Bruninghaus, Senior NCO Navigator and WO on U-38 and commander of U-6, U-148 and U-1059. Richard
  12. Thanks for the information Gordon. I had the same "front-on" photo. I can see the resemblance now with the side view but would not have guessed that they were one and the same person. This is a great group, with many helpful people, and has rekindled old interests. Thanks to one and all. Dick
  13. Thanks Monsun. My picture definitely is the same fellow as in your picture. The only other picture I had of Winter was from the front and from that angle, I couldn't tell it was him. Your help is greatly appreciated. Richard
  14. Does anyone recognize this Knight's Cross holder? The photo is from the album of a crew member of U-441 however from the records I have, neither Klaus Hartmann or Gotz von Hartmann who both commanded this boat was awarded the Knight's Cross. Any help would be appreciated. Richard
  15. Thanks Ian and all. Below is a copy of the Soldbuch page. Richard
  16. Does anyone have a list of the illness codes and names used in a soldier or sailor's soldbuch? Most immediately, I'm trying to find out what illness or disease was related to code "109". Thanks for the help. Richard
  17. Below are some u-boat instrument name plates I picked up many years ago. I don't know if they are WWI or WWII but saw a similar, but larger, group recently sold and identified as WWI. Richard
  18. Absolutely great photos Monsun. Thanks so much for posting them. Richard
  19. Nice to see your set. I note that yours has the extension to the basic binoculars. I assume that it is removable? Richard
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