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    1. Very nice images everybody and congratulations Stijn David Christophe what does this mean "An interresting photo of an Oberst from Flakartillerie" ( translation please ), any name on this guy ? Stogieman, no, I don't remember this fellow but I'd like to know. Best regards, Ran
    2. Very nice new addition to Bavaria, just to mention that while the military merit crosses are very nicely presented ( all classes ), the order of the military merit ( for officers ) can be better explained with more classes to look at. Anyway, as I mentioned, to many people your site is the main reference when it comes to German states orders, so keep up the great work. I think I offered my help 2 years ago or so ( in WAF ), as usual if you need my web-developing skills I'd be happy to help always ( your site is very well presented in my opinion, very user friendly ). Best regards, Ran
    3. Priceless info and beautiful images, thank you Dave for your help. If anybody has pics of "famous"/known people wearing the White Falcon it would be great to see an image and get some info about the person. I can't get enough of this order, it's my favorite. Best regards, Ran
    4. Hi Dave, Amazing work as usual, your site is my collecting bible I didn't quite understand the difference between these newly added orders and the other ones, why aren't they all in the same page about Bavaria. Also I couldn't find the link to the new page in the site ( I saw it by clicking on the link here ). If you added so many new orders to Bavaria that means other states had more orders too which are not in the site yet ? Thanks again for your beautiful work, Ran
    5. Hi, -Still looking for info about the honor cross ( and if possible images ). What was it given for and how many times ? -What's the difference between the gold merit cross, silver merit cross, honor cross and Wilhelm Ernst War Cross ? - Famous poeple who were decorated with this order ( info/images ). - And as usual if you have more info/images/links... about this order please share. Best regards, Ran
    6. Actualy, thank you very much for this side image of the knight cross 1st class
    7. Thanks again for the explanation If you know any other nice online shops or auction houses that do "speak" English I'd love to know about them ( ones that are selling German imperial orders of course ). Also I'd really love to get some info about the honor cross which was posted here, it's the first time I see it. Best regards, Ran
    8. Wow thank you. What is the honor cross, please some info about it. Best regards, Ran
    9. Andreas, Your web-site is amazing, I learned a lot from it ( lots of original stuff I haven't seen anywhere else ). Keep up the great work. Best regards, Ran
    10. Deruelle, this cased award is too beautiful, thanks for the extra images and for the explanation. Joemiller, thanks for the images, now I know how the merit medal look like. Is it the same way it looks also for the other Saxe duchies ( only with different typing and maybe image ? )
    11. Hi Deruelle, this is an amazing amount of books you have there . . . And that cased knight cross 2nd class, it's too beautiful, any chance to see it open ? Keep them images coming ( especialy the beautiful white falcon ) Thanks and best regards, Ran
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