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  1. Hi Roman. thank you very much for the additional information on Robert Strehle! Best regards Nicolas
  2. Thanks for your reply. The missing Lippe KVK is a bit strange, but I like the construction of the bar in general and do not see any red flags. Maybe just a rare exception? Best regards Nicolas
  3. That is very true, Andy. Thank you very much for your kind words. Despite the rarity of the Lippe House Order with Swords I could recently acquire another ribbon bar with it. Is there a possibility of IDing this one? I am not sure if the second ribbon is the Carl-Friedrich Order or just the Merit Medal. Alll the Best Nicolas
  4. Andy, Thanks for posting Strehle's Pre-War Career! Very helpful as always! By the way it seems that the Lippe House Order 4th Class with Swords 1.Abteilung was only awarded 82 times. Pretty interesting that a rear guy like Strehle was awarded by Lippe several times although being from Sigmaringen-Hohenzollern himself. Best regards, Nicolas
  5. Klasse! Thank you so much Daniel. That is great news. Do you have anything more concerning his career? I could not find him in the Reichswehr Ranklist 1928, but I guess he was retired until then. In 1913 he was Oberleutnant Feuerwerkslaboratorium Siegburg. All the Best, Nicolas
  6. Hello, I just received these interesting ribbon bars with the Lippe House Order with Swords. I do not know any exact award numbers, but heard that those are extremly seldom. The second ribbon on the short ribbon bar is still unknown to me, maybe it is a KO4 or KO3 and the recipient decided to only wear his Wartime Awards on the longer ribbon bar? Any attempts for an ID would be greatly appreciated. All the Best, Nicolas
  7. Looks like a Friedrichsorden to me and Sixth ribbon from the right looks like Long Service.
  8. Hi Daniel, Nice bar! Which award does the second ribbon represent? Regards Nicolas
  9. Great one! Very rare to see Norwegian awards on German medal bars.
  10. I like the ribbon bar. The Hindenburg Cross is missing, but this could be a period mistake. The bar could also have been the upper row of two ribbon bars.
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