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    1. Hello, I am looking for any additional information about this officer. Especially a full name, birth date etc. would be great. What I have so far: Rudolph, Oberst aD * +1925 Oberstleutnant zD Char. 18.12.1913 Landwehrbezirk IV Berlin Major zD Char. 20.03.1913 Landwehrbezirk Neuß Hauptmann zD 18.03.1899 1914 RAO4 DA DD3 NO3a Thanks in advance Nicolas
    2. This gentleman is selling his fake bars on german forums all the time. A few pics. Be careful. I am pretty sure all of the following bars are not genuine. Please note the similarities. Nicolas More bars
    3. Unfortunately this ribbon bar was lost during transport. If anyone sees it by chance, please contact me. Nicolas
    4. This one was shown years ago on WAF. Good bar, definitely a Friedrichsorden in fourth place.
    5. This could be the bar of later Generalveterinär Dr. med. vet. Karl Kiesewetter. Born in Gotha, he is listed with EK2, EH3b and HT in the Reichswehr ranklists. In the 1914 ranklist no EH3b is listed yet, but he could have received it after the publication of the ranklist. Regards Nicolas
    6. Hello, I would like to present this bar which I am trying to ID for quite some time now. I have hopes for an ID as the combination hints to a higher position during the 1930s and 40s. Potential suspects so far after my research: Generalstabsarzt Dr. Karl Kersting (1882-1968) Received EK1, RKM3, HH Retired on 31.03.1936, unsure if he received the shortly before his retirement created Wehrmacht-DAs. Inspector of the German Red Cross in Military-District X, Hamburg (01.01.1936-26.06.1939) Received KVK2X im 2.WK. Marinegeneralarzt Dr. Willi Wendtlandt (01.08.1884-) Received EK2, RKM3, HH, Chefarzt des Marinelazaretts Wilhelmshafen (1928) Maybe career in the DRK? Marine-Stabsarzt d.R. Prof Dr. Max Otten (1877-1962) Received EK2, RKM3, HH (1918) Unsure about his activies in the 1930s, famous doctor. Any help would be appreciated! Best regards Nicolas
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