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  1. Sehr schön, Daniel. I can add this one to Telegrafensekretär and SA-Sturmführer Robert Noll. He founded the first NSDAP-Ortsgruppe in Münster 1922. His Partynumber was 16873, but I cannot find alot of information about him. Best regards Nicolas
  2. A ribbon bar with the Danzig Police Long Service Award. This is the first ribbon bar with this miniature device, which I have ever seen. I wonder which device was attached to the other blue ribbon next to it. Best regards, Nicolas
  3. Hello there! I am looking for any information about Oberstleutnant Schmaler. He recieved the Prussian Observers Badge in WW1 amongst the War Merit Cross of Schaumburg-Lippe and EK2,EK1 and peaked at Oberstleutnant (Luftwaffe). Alive in April 1945. Sadly, I cannot find him in the Luftwaffe Career Summaries or anywhere else. Any help is very appreciated! All the Best, Nicolas His ribbon bar:
  4. Good Afternoon, I have this ribbon bar for quite some time now and always thought about an ID. There weren't too many Luftwaffe Generals with the Lübeckisches Hanseatenkreuz. Although, it could have been a Staff Officer's bar aswell. Sadly, my own research was not successful yet. Due to the rough condition I cannout make out if the eagles are golden or silver ones. The second ribbon is the Mecklenburg War Merit Cross. Any help in this case would be very appreciated. Best regards, Nicolas
  5. Great information Daniel, as always! I could acquire his ribbon bar, a few photos and his EK1 Award Document. Best regards, Nicolas
  6. Hello, I am looking for any information about Helmut Huwald, especially during WW2. He was a Leutnant in IR 114 during the first world war and received the HOH3X. Any help would be greatly appreciated. All the best, Nicolas
  7. I would have thought of: RAO4, KO4 and HE3X Did you already restore the bar? Best regards, Nicolas
  8. Daniel, that is one of the best NC-Bars I have ever seen. Wow! Nothing too exciting, but here is one bar from my collection:
  9. Excellent! Thank you! Interesting is the entry about his injury in Fettkluft, Namibia 1906.
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