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  1. Thank for your additional comments, thoughts and numbers, Daniel and Laurentius! Here is a ribbon bar from my collection, which features a MVK 3rd Class with added swords on the ribbon. Daniel, very interesting to know, that the award numbers are so low for Saxony.
  2. Thank you very much for the clarifications and for checking your sources, Daniel. In this case the Austrian Merit Cross can be ruled out, I guess. Regarding the Iron Crown, I just don't know, what else this ribbon could be... I don't really have a bad feeling with this bar, though. Best, Nicolas
  3. Gentlemen, Thank you very much for your replies! Don, thanks for the suggestion. This medal is definitely a possibility. Ribbon and the placement on the bar look very promising. Spolei, thank you! Indeed, you are right. The Order of the Iron Crown makes more sense. About the device on the austrian ribbon: I do not have seen this crown device on that kind of ribbon before. The explanation of FAR32 makes sense to me. Maybe the award I attached as a photo is the one in question? All the Best, Nicolas
  4. Sounds good, danke dir Daniel! It is interesting to see that most of these officials ended up in fairly low ranks in comparison to their sometimes very long serving time.
  5. I would like to bring this old thread to the top again, as I still believe there is a chance for an ID. Furthermore, I am still unsure which exact classes of the BMVO/BMVK are represented on this bar? In addition to that the sixth ribbon looks like the Swedish Order of the Sword to me. Best regards, Nicolas
  6. Very nice and well-made medal bar. I have a similiar "Zahlmeister" type of ribbon bar from Anhalt. Any chance for an ID here? Best regards Nicolas
  7. That Iron Cross device is really neat. Here is a ribbon bar, which belonged to a Hauptmann d.R. , who participated in Bandenkampf:
  8. In my opinion not an original bar. No idea, why someone would spend 3300€ on this...
  9. Dear members, I would like to collect any information about Hugo Meurer, especially his awards. Was he awarded the OK2 and the MMV? I also heard, that his medal bar is still existing. A photo of it would be great! Reason is this ribbon bar, which I could luckily acquire a few days ago. It came to me identified and I can confirm every award for Meurer except the OK2 and the MMV. All the Best, Nicolas
  10. Hello, I could just acquire this nice ribbon bar with the Italian "Al Valore" medal. I think the fourth ribbon is the Lifesaving Medal and not the Schutzwallehrenzeichen, but I cannot say it for 100%. Any chance to ID this one? I had a look through a list with German "Al Valore" medal bearers, but could not find an exact match. I guess there were less Army/Navy members with the "Al Valore" medal than Luftwaffe members? All the best, Nicolas
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