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  1. Rick Frazer who designed Vanuatu’s Coat of Arms, Emblem and the Speaker of Parliament Chair with Vanuatu Badge of Honor.
  2. Some docs to Lieutenant General Juan Balaguer Morales.He was Senior director in Civil Guard of Peru (1983-1984). Colombia. Order of the Police star. Bolivia. Order of the Police. Peru. A Peruvian Order of Military Merit. Peru. Order of Aeronautical Merit. Peru. Order of Captain Jose A. Quinones.
  3. I think you are right. And all awards of Togo have text on back side.
  4. Any info please Moro photo
  5. Medal of the Golden Anniversary of the 23 July Revolution
  6. ilja559

    Ivory Coast

    National Order doc
  7. ilja559


    Hello Emmanuel. I bought this medal recently on ebay. Thank you for ribbons image. Ilja
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    Postal Merit Medal. What ribbon ???
  9. ilja559


    Zakaria Cheikh Ibrahim
  10. Syrian Medal "Brotherhood in Arms", which was awarded to widow of Russian soldier, killed in Syria.
  11. Republic of Egypt. Medal for the Building of the Aswan Dam with document.
  12. Sorry, but with such photo, it helps nothing :((
  13. Thank you Antonio. But in this site only name of the medal. I try to find more information
  14. Thank you, Owain. May be we can find information about this medal? In Antonio site this medal name - "Badge of Peninsula Shield". So this medal awarded to members of Peninsula Shield Force ? Best regards. Ilja
  15. http://www.tnial.mil.id/Announcement/InfoDiswatpersal/tabid/135/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/16534/Default.aspx
  16. Medal for Bravery in the field
  17. ilja559


    I think down left. I cant find good image of medal.
  18. ilja559


    Lazare TARPAGA, Contrôleur Général de Police, Directeur Général de la Police Nationale. Cant find Medal of Honour of Police image
  19. ilja559


    National Order doc
  20. Here is the Order of Merit of Benin with center reads "République du Benin".
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