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  1. Republic of Buryatia (Russian Federation) medal Medal Sketch Competition here - https://goburyatia.govrb.ru/novosti/2975-golosovanie-konkursa-na-luchshiy-eskiz-i-naimenovanie-medali-za-vklad-v-borbu-s-pandemiey-koronavirusa.html Russian unofficial medals
  2. Angolan Armed Forces Medals https://www.behance.net/gallery/15979481/Angolan-Armed-Forces-Medals More
  3. Owain, this screenshot I did from film about visit to USSR in 1982 https://www.net-film.ru/film-8695/?search=qйемен Awarding ceremony in part two P.S. I sent you a photo of this order a few years ago, when it was on sale in Russia.
  4. Ali Nasser Mohamed presents Leonid Brezhnev with the Order of the October 14 Revolution
  5. Medal of the State for Literature and Art - Aden(PDRY),1977 First- class Medal of the State for Sciences, Literature and Arts- Sana 'a (YAR), 1989 Second - class Medal of Independence Day,November 30- Yemen (ROY), 1997
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    Ministry of Defence medals
  7. Women's Army Corps 50th Anniversary Medal Medal is awarded to all female Officers and Ranks of the Guyana Defence Force who are in service to the GDF as at 6 February 2017.
  8. Owain, here is the link https://www.daa.gov.ae/AR/about/Pages/PrizeLevels.aspx
  9. Dubai. Community Service Award. Awarded to people who have been engaged in charitable, humanitarian and social work.
  10. Instituted in 2015 ? Awarded to person who have made outstanding contributions to the work and development of the Arab Parliament. It is also granted to Arab leaders, Arab parliamentarians outside the Arab parliament, and prominent non-parliamentarians and international figures of non-Arab descent who have made outstanding efforts and fruitful deeds in the service of the Arab cause.
  11. Thank you, Owain. My Arabic is not very good
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    Order of Merit of the Economy and Finance
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    Great find, Emmanuel. Here are Golden Jubilee Medals (may be awarded in two classes ???)
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