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  1. The eight recipients are known: 1. Sergeant Eggeling from the Hussards Regiment, "who was the first to attack the enemy, being an exmple under fire for every cavalryman. He brilliantly stood out in the attacks on the french cavalry on June 18." 2. Lancer Lindemann. "He stroke down the commander of the French cuirassiers several times in front of his regiment and was hit by a bullet in doing so." 3. Bombardier Büchner. "He stood at the second howitzer, and was not only doing his duty but distinguished himself when the battery was attacked by hostile cuirassiers for the first time and Capta
  2. You probably know, for many Germans "England" and "Britain" are synonyms - that's why not so well educated german tourists sometimes have problems with the local people in Scotland and Wales . I found this interesting form, demonstrating the bureaucracy behind the POW-camps, between my grandpa's sheets of music. It's back was used as scribbling paper and it was much luck I found it:
  3. Post 1/4: Verliehene Auszeichnungen: 14.7.42 "Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/42" (Ostmedaille) Verliehen durch Batl. Befehl Nr. 110 p. 14.7.42 des Br?. Bau Batl. (Ing) 210 [= Br?cken Bau Bataillon -> Bridge Building Battallion] Post 3: Verspr. Sam. Stelle 344 ID [ = Versprengten Sammelstelle -> Dispersed Soldiers Collecting Point] Post 6: 1. umge?ndert von Soldat in Pionier 3./II. 41 2./Br?ckenbaubataillon 310 [changed from "Soldier" to "Engineer"] 2. Laut Komp. Befehl d. 6.11.41 zum Gefreiten bef?rdert 20.XI.41 2./Br?ckenbaubataillon 310 [Promoted
  4. Cool, the world is a village ! Have you ever been on the flea markets "Hamburger Stra?e/Sch?tzenplatz" oder "Harz & Heide Messegel?nde"? During the early 90s it was a good place to find soviet militaria. The Serials: Order of the Red Banner: 360686 Order of the Red Banner of Work: 746067 Order of Glory (3rd class): 555246 Medal "For Bravery": 635976 Medal "For Combat Service": 2778797 Order of the Great Patriotic War (2nd class): 1809676 Order of the Great Patriotic War (1st class): 1102458 Order of the Red Star: 1034809 You see, very late orders...
  5. ...I suppose collecting is not the worst addiction - but maybe one of the more expensive... The medals prices in Russia ten years ago (>10 years, last time I was in Kazan was in 1995) were fairly cheap - I fear that might have changed... ...particulary with regard to the missing orders/medals (e.g. the Order of Victory ) Ciao, Daniel
  6. ...and the rest... The Orders of the great patriotic war are - unfortunately - from the Breshnev-era, with very high numbers and made from one piece.
  7. Hello! This is, what I collected on local flea markets and on my journeys to Kazan/Wolga, years ago. It's ten years ago, I bought my last medal... sigh...
  8. It's a Peninsula Centenarmedaille (like the one of "Ramblinfarms" - a commemorative Medal for 100 years after the foundation of the "black band"/"die schwarze Schar" by the "black duke" Friedrich Wilhelm) and in a quite bad condition, but the story behind it maybe interesting. I found it as a young boy in the early 80s during a school-sport's event in the Eintrachtstadion (The stadium of Braunschweigs biggest sports club, which soccer-team won the german championship in 1967) on the sandy stands of the southern corner (which was renovated a few years later and isn't now sandy at all). How did
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