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    Allach porcelain, SS/SA daggers, SS carved items, German NSDAP and Army General officer tunics, SS Honor Rings and all other SS items. Books/documents of Waffen SS WIKING Div.
  1. beautiful to see such nice specimen's and the reproduction one as well for education.
  2. I liked the pictures and descriptions very much, thanks for posting!
  3. All the SA and SS must be in the cases! I see Army and bayonets and a couple others, but no political? I know you got some! Mark
  4. Politics in America is very hard to understand. When you have the likes of Ted Kennedy and wannabe war "hero" John Kerry in the North and Byrd in the South it makes you wonder where is the Solomon like justice in this country. They all think they do no wrong, yet abuse power like they are royalty and above the law. There are no strong, honest and dedicated politicians in America today. All are self serving and in closing...what promises are made to get a job that pays $200,000.00 per year and people give you 10's of millions in contributions? They expect to buy you for that money. It is apparent, they do. Hillary Clinton is a "carpetbagger" that could not get elected to anything in her homestate of Arkansas, so she moves to NY to get the support of the welfare people who like her...big free government giveaways to those who take the most and contribute the least to this country. The Civil War was much like this current state of affairs, a lot of self serving politicians trying to grab power and control. In Franklin, TN, near where I live, the bloodiest battle of the Civil War was fought with 5 Confederate Generals killed in 6 hours. you can still find battlefield artifacts in the fields and woods in the South. Mark
  5. Although the cup has a medallion of all three Kaisers mentioned, here is a close up of one of them. The interior is well done and heavily engraved with wreaths behind each medallion. Mark
  6. kingtiger

    US M16

    Some are equipped with laser sights or infrared targeting devices and grenade launchers. Pretty much the basic M-16 though. Mark
  7. Hello Paul, repros in the US sell from $20.00 to $50.00 if they are represented to be repros. If they are not, they can sell for more and make the buyer very remorseful. Mark
  8. Hello Rich and Bob...nice site here! My first post! Rich, the hammered scabbards are really beautiful. I only have one with the rare plain blade. I am visiting near you until about mid August...e-mail me and I hope we can visit. I have the nice Schleiper SA with me and a few Luftwaffe and 1st Reich buys so far. Best... Mark
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