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  1. It's an NKS unknown maker #1. Sometimes called the "six dot" due to the back plate fixing. Stewy
  2. Nice original JFS ISA in silver, not seen as often as the mint bronze variants from the hoard find some years ago. Stewy
  3. The catch looks a bit like one seen on fake PKA's. I hope I'm wrong but for me there are a lot of red flags. Stewy
  4. Hi Dan, I tend to think it is a replica. It doesn't look quite right for a die stamped award. Not a crisp enough strike, no shear marks around the edge in the pics. I'm not a WB expert (ISA's are my thing), but the wear points are odd & the dagger blades are fuzzy. Better pics when available will help. Stewy
  5. An unusual Antrag printed on the reverse of an ISA doc. Signed by Major Friedrich Zietlow (DKiG 19.12.41). Stewy
  6. Major Friedrich Zietlow (DKiG 19.12.41) Inf. Div 154. Stewy
  7. Kev (hucks216) knows of a KVK doc to a Schneepflug soldier, but other than that nothing. So rare & unusual IMO. Stewy
  8. Hi folks, I was lucky enough to pick this little group up. To a Schneepflug unit not much is known, or often seen in regards to such units. It's his instructors licence & a couple of pics. Stewy
  9. Hi folks, thought you might like this group to a "Kettenkrad" driver/instructor. Bruno Schroder won the KVK2 w/s, Ost medal & KBA in silver. The soldbuch's a zweitschrift. Stewy
  10. Hi people here's a BSW ISA with plenty of finish remaining. Stewy
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