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  1. These are the reduced names of the enterprises of manufacturers. IKOM - in Zagreb, ZIN - in Beograd.
  2. I find it difficult to answer a question of the state accessory of this bar. It would be more logical to move the Czech awards forward as earlier. Then it is possible to assume bar to Czechoslovakia. But all set of awards are strange for me - why so high hungarian order?There is soviet medal XX years so he should be member and then veteran of war.Where are other awards? Well and the last: similar sets of foreign awards often meet at the Soviet generals of those years,but soviet medal... May be general from aliens... "In any event, I am still very pleased with my purchase as the Romania
  3. I think this bar is mix.But mix of not bad orders. If this Romanian oficer has received DoM it necessarily should have other Romanian military medals. Abt DoM - this is 3rd class. At first because only 3-rd class has ribbon ( 1 and 2 are breast stars ),and second - "C" - is hallmark of 3rd cl. ( "A "- 1st,"B"-2nd ). Here you can see good pics of all 3 classes with types and variants that I know for the moment.I can post pics here if you want. http://sammler.ru/index.php?act=Gallery&cat=150 Just click on pictures. There are not DoM without swords. And the last - hungar
  4. This one? http://sammler.ru/index.php?act=gallery&CODE=picture&id=2800
  5. Here you can see other orders of this person: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=15023&st=180 I'm sorry that this complete set was broken to few parts.
  6. At least I think this is IKOM's conversations. Accurate work with good quality.
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