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  1. Grey, I thank you so much for the addition! All are welcome and lets please keep this thread going!
  2. Gents, I hope all is well and I'll see about finding more pictures to keep this thread going. Regards, Joel
  3. Gents, Here is another addition to my collection. I know that there is evidence now of these being reproduced. However, it is my belief that this one shows promise and I was none the less, able to buy this one at a decent price. Your opinions are welcomed. My apologies on the clarity of the pictures more to follow. Regards, Joel
  4. Gentlemen, Let me start by saying that I have been go far too long. After working my tail off as we say and I've been diverted away from my collecting interests I had a client present me with the following medal. I have never owned one quite like it. I know there are table medals of the same award struck in bronze. However, I have not seen one with a suspension and ribbon and this one is struck in Silver. Any comments are greatly appreciated. It certainly is good to be back and I look forward to rekindling friendships. Regards, Joel
  5. Chris, He started out by analyzing weapons on video games to working with a Russian chap at a Car Dealership in which allowed him to perfect his accent. Then got popular on Youtube. Here is the Wikipedia Link on him : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FPSRussia Cheers, Joel
  6. Interestingly, he is an American who fakes his Russian accent.. None the less he is very entertaining...
  7. Turtle, Thanks goes out to you and all who have contributed.. Glad this thread is still continuing! Now, I need to dig for some more photographs. Sorry I've been gone so long.. Cheers to 2013! Joel
  8. Irishgunner, I thank you as well with the information you have provided me. Certainly seeing these in wear would be interesting. I have noticed as well that mine have a horizontal pin versus a vertical pin. I'm interested in seeing with what pans out. Regards, Joel
  9. Here is a link I found. Not sure of the legitimacy of the source or variant listed for sale... http://www.jkmilitaria.com/Kappenabzeichen.html Anyone know of this seller?
  10. Chris, I thank you for your reply.. Not sure ..... The research shall continue.... Regards, Joel
  11. Guys, I just wanted to bump this topic back to the top to see if anyone can shed some additional light on these. I thank you once again.
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