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  1. Hi, thanks a lot for these information Paul Herlé
  2. Hi here are some new picture zeal medal is 30mm diameter and 22 gr- gold i think
  3. Hello don't know if the French medals were originally to the same soldier as the Russian ones...the guy i bought it from didn't remember if so... bab
  4. Hi as it's not my area of collecting, i planned to sell the grouping....priority to forum members....just need help to made a fair price....will put more pictures... bab
  5. Hi medal for zeal...i'll try to know if the owner was from the family of the guy who sold it to me... bab
  6. Hi, two days ago, was looking for showcase on the "French internet fleamarket" found some nice one, not far from home...good price...called the guy, take the car , paid for ...he was cleaning an old house...asked him if he found some military items....no...oh yes, some medals....are you interested????....yes i said!!! he came back wit 5 medals...and asked me: what about 20 euros for the 5 medals??? i said YES;;;: bab
  7. and also found some documents.... Herlé
  8. Hello here are some picture, need to clean it, a long time ago, someone put on the plate a kind of varnish wich is awful!! Herlé
  9. Hi, Yes you can have any musket or other rifle (decommissioned firearms).You don't need a licence for these weapons, although one must be over 18 years of age will make good picture tomorow....unfortunately, helmet is not complete, chinstrap is missing Herlé
  10. Hello in a cellar....(it was bring back by a French navy officer after Crimean war), i also found a Russian pith helmet... bab
  11. Hello here is the "Luttich" after cleaning.... Hope you like regards bab
  12. Hello after a long silence, here are my last finds, two Russian rifle, Crimean war... - A 1809 rifle... when i found it and after a small cleaning... and the very rare Russian Brunswick rifle , the "Luttich" when i found it and soon after cleaning regards from Brittany Herlé
  13. bab

    Guns from 1812

    Hello Larry, thanks a lot for the information!!! where can i find makers mark on these gun? Herlé
  14. Hello near home in Brest, i have these two guns from 1812...any possibility to find the ship they were on, the place they where made? any information will be nice!! bab
  15. Hello, i'm just trying to find the name of the owner...seems to have the grand cross of LOH.... Herl
  16. Hello, nice pictures!! this insignia is now known as "brevet de pr?papration militaire parachutiste" Commonly found in grouping of soldier from 50's to 60's it was, at this period the regular military insignia given after 4 jump. Just before completing the course of 6 jump... In the late 70's only the para badge was given, and this insignia start "a new live" for young civilian doing an Airborne period. Herl
  17. Hi, the grouping is nearly complete except for uniform (some are destroy) and insignia (lost...) even para badge is lost........ i'll post some other picture of citation as soon as possible.. herl?
  18. Hi, here is my last find, a nice, nearly complete, grouping for a seargeant in Indochina and Algeria... enjoy!!!! bab
  19. bab

    2nd Tirailleurs Algerians

    Hi, about second tirailleur: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/2e_r%C3%A9gim..._alg%C3%A9riens Herl
  20. bab

    2nd Tirailleurs Algerians

    Hello, here is mine,from the 20's bab
  21. Hi, another one, signed by Pietzonka, same kind of paper... Herl
  22. Hi, here is a typical "last days of Brest " document, signed by Kroh, on very light paper. Herl?
  23. Hello, here is one from a fjr7 soldier; wounded in Brest, transferred to village of "le Fret" in Crozon peninsula wich was a field hospital. Herl
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