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  1. This old versions of the order of the white elephant are before 1909. The order of the elephant and the order of the crown was changed in 1909. order of the white elephant 1909.pdforder of the crown 1909.pdf
  2. The government in Sweden has started an investigation to reintroduce so that Swedish citizens can again be awarded the Swedish orders. As well as resurrecting the dormant orders. So we will see what happens.
  3. Thats great. I think the swedish orders are one of the most beautiful orders. Maybe because im swedish
  4. Both orders have the same number of classes, 5. The order of vasa is an open order. So anyone, almost, could get it for almost anything . The order of the northen star was given for Civil- and scientific- merits. So for example embassy staff are given the nothern star. Thats is why i think there are more asians who got awarded the Northen star because there was not so many asians before 1975 in Sweden eccept embassy staff.
  5. Hi Dave I think its typical for old ribbons that the color fade. Very nice to see miniatyre medal. Not often i see Thai miniaryr medals. BR Micke
  6. I haven seen two diffrent ribbons to this medal, if its the same medal. I think it is. I seen one medal with white ribbon and one with blue ribbon. Which is the right ribbon? Blue or white? I think the blue are the right one and that the other medal's ribbon has become sun-bleached, but im not 100% sure.
  7. Well... For me it look little strange. Specially if you look on the thread on which the ribbons are sewn with on the reverse side. Most often when you make a mounting it is the same color on the thread on the back. Here you have diffrent threads on almost all medals. And it's not made very professional.
  8. Yes i have connection with SFF. Im the secretary of the Association ... We will have the yearly meeting with all members in mars. I will bring it up before that with the Board.
  9. Discussions are conducted between the owners of the page and Svenska Faleristika Föreningen, SFF. "Swedish Phaleristic Association" The SFF have just started there association and dosent have the funds right now to run the page. Hopefully the page will come up as soon as possible.
  10. Hello I was to Livrustkammaren in the Royal castle in Stockholm. There was two of these medals was shown. one red and one blue mounted for lady.
  11. Yes its a translation thing.... The change to Vases are possibly thought of as a gesture of reconciliation, because it was Gustav Vasa who repealed the order in Sweden.
  12. Neither 1920 or 1946... It was changed 1 jan 1947. The black international ribbon was added with white border stripes in order to be able to look diffrent then the ribbon for the Swedish Order of the North Star. And the Prussian eagels at the cross angels were exchanged for golden vases,
  13. Hello I looked in the swedish Royla Majestys orders matrix, KMO´s Matriklar. The decision was made in 25th of october to award the order of the sword. There are two more names that was awarded the same order, SO2kl, at the same day. A german Major Von Lüneburg and a Frech captain Raymond Renard. I looked if some other Bulgarians have been awarded any of the classes of the order of the sword.. I found one, a Bulgarian Lt.Col Nikola Kosloff, he was awarded commander 2 class, KSO2kl, at the same day with a bunch of Germans. I dont think it was a "state visit" but some other visit that happened. Often when persons are given an order at the same time its some kind of visit but it was not a State visit. Maybe just some delagation of some kind.
  14. Hello You might add this order...The Order of Saint Michael of the Wing, Ordem de São Miguel da Ala.
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