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  1. Hello You might add this order...The Order of Saint Michael of the Wing, Ordem de São Miguel da Ala.
  2. Hello everyone I think the name of the order are Portugal. Order of St. Bento d'Aviz. Commander's Cross. I found it onSpink webpage. https://www.spink.com/lot/339001124
  3. The dark blue, högblått, variant was awarded to the livréet, The staff that working in the royal castle. it was awarded to 268 persons. Its little strange that there are more pale blue then dark blue out there. Because the pale blue, serafimer blå, was given to persons close to the king and was awarded to less people, 232.
  4. Micke

    Whats the purpose?

    Is it to fasten the medal it self?
  5. Micke

    Whats the purpose?

    Hello everyone Are there anyone who can tell me the purpose of the metal things hanging down from the metalbar?
  6. Here are one. Its not mine. That medal with the blue, seraphimeblue, ribbon was given to 232 people.
  7. Very nice collection! For what was this medals awarded?
  8. In May the coronation of King Rama X took place. In connection with the ceremony the king awarded 3 new medals. The Coronation medal for King Rama X The King Rama X Royal Cypher medal. The Royal Cypher medal are always awarded in 5 classes. 1. class 3. 4. 5. Class And the King Rama X Rajaruchi medal in Gold and Silver.
  9. It the 5th class of the The Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant. Its a type 2 verison. given out after 1909. Its the wrong etue i think. On Ebay there are prices from 25-50£.
  10. Yes i missed him. But i think its only say "Thailänska medborgaren", Thai citizen, on his line. Next line are "förste Gen, adj hos HM kungan av thailand....." I add him to my list. Thank you! The first in his name, Luang, is not a name its a nobel title in Thailand. I think his name is Sura Narong. The picture are of Luang Sura Narong (left) and Prince Birabongse.
  11. Thank you Johan. It´s really a big job to look thrue all the matriklar and make it searchable. When i looked thrue them for all 'Thai citizens it took me some time and i think i missed some anyway just because it was hard to read the names sometimes. Its easier with the order of Serafime.. there all names in wikiepedia in a list and they are not so many... I really hope you will finnish this project, im very interested in it. I know some people in KMO, Kungl. Maj:ts Orden, and i will ask them if i can go there and look thrue the Matriklar in real , so to say... I would like to finnish my list of thai citizens and try to keep it up to date. After 1974 it becomes more easy because of the reform of the swedish orders. It´s only one order to look at.
  12. The long service medal the king have are the Chakra Mala Medal - Medal for Long Service and Good Conduct (Military and Police). The last medal are the King Rama IX Rajaruchi Medal (Gold Class). The king also have the Red Cross Medal of Appreciation (First Class). But i have never seen him wear it. The medals from the Thai red cross are ranked last in the Thai ODM, Orders Decoration och Medal, system and are given out by the Queen Sirkit.
  13. Hi JohanH As you know its hard to read and understand the wrighting in the Matriklar..... I looked up the commanders in chief of the Royal Thai Navy. The one who was commander in chef in 1965 was Admiral, Prince, Kanchitpon Apakorn between 1964-1966.
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