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  1. Count Von Luckner's notable ship. Now there was also a Buzzard Class cruiser that also bore the name Seeadler from the later 19th century. There is no real way to determine if it was issued/made for one ship vs another that had the name Seeadler. I like to think it came from the Sailing ship. Best Regards JustinG
  2. Just picked up this lovely tally. S.M.S. Moewe One of the successful Hilfskreuzer/ Raider for the first World War.
  3. I personally use Sketchbook Pro. I would love to learn to use Adobe® Photoshop, but most of the videos and instructions there seems to be a big learner gap in what is presented and what is currently the layout and functionality of the program. I also use a Wacom® 22" HD Touch tablet. Best Regards, JustinG
  4. I used the same flag but incorporated into this S-boat
  5. Agree with the others. Great job. Best Regards, JustinG
  6. Nice and highly desirable awards. Have you done research to see the recipients of each of the Blood orders? Hopefully, your collection was obtained earlier that the 2000, I would imagine that the price for the Blood orders would be several thousands of dollars now. Quite impressive. Very jealous. Thanks for sharing. Best Regards JustinG
  7. Hi Don, Good question about the color of the bands. Gold Script: Seemännisches (Deck Related personnel) Silver Script: Schiffstechnisches Technical (engineering) Administrative Red Script: Schiffsjungen (Cadets) Metal thread was used. Cotton thread was introduced in early 1917 so Yellow Cotton for gold and white cotton for silver. S.M.S. is Seiner Majestäts Schiff (German for His Majesty ship) K.u.K. (Austrian) Kaiserliche und Königliche There is a quick breakdown of some important tally information.
  8. Here is a grouping of Mützenbänder from the Battle of Jutland. SMS Elbing SMS Frankfurt SMS hamburg SMS Hessen SMS Regensburg SMS Pillau SMS Stuttgart
  9. Bernd, Deepest thanks and sympathies are extended to you during this difficult time. It is with gratitude that there is such a great resource for Mützenband enthusiasts like myself. I am sorry for the difficulties that you faced during this last project. Thank you ever so much and sympathies to you during your loss. JustinG Es ist mit tiefster Sympathie und vielen Dank für Ihren unglaublichen Beitrag zu diesem Sammelgebiet
  10. I have been looking into this very thing as well. These have caught my eye. I am considering this as a solution. Might want to check it out. Seems also like a good way for sellers and militaria shows to transport wares to and from events. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Look-Sammelkoffer-Gigant-RED-MIX-Militaria-10-Tableaus-102-Facher-fur-Orden/274305694519?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144 Best Regards, JustinG
  11. Like others, I am surprised how long this topic existed before I checked it out. Very interesting things. I feel like many of the awards issued during WW1 were still awarded with a huge dose of birth elitism. Where a common enlisted person could perform a truly heroic act and receive maybe a citation or a different class award vs a field or administrative officer (nobleman) who didn't do much of anything could be issued a high award. With regards to war crimes and actions deserving of those trials: It is troubling to think of how people justify their actions and how those actions get recognized. There were many honorable people but there are also a trove of people who were despicable. Through the passage of time, history (if properly recorded and available) can vindicate or accuse those actions of the individuals. Submarines are an offensive weapon. Unable to take many if any prisoners. While the destruction of survival gear or killing in cold blood is unconscionable to survivors, I can understand the reluctance for an enemy to potentially expose their boat/crew to further attacks. The Laconia incident was a perfect example of that very thing and brought war crimes investigations. Wonder if the Germans would have won, would the pilots/crew of the B-24's been brought forth on war crimes? Some actions (airborne raids, Covert behind enemy lines operations) are by definition not able to accept prisoners. The very act of having prisoners bogs down and hinders the objectives. How many people were gunned down to press forward to achieve an objective? Philosophical debates. My favorite commanders to research on the German side: Felix Graf von Luckner (S.M.S. Seeadler) and Karl von Müller (S.M.S. EMDEN) Just my two cents. Best Regards, Justin
  12. Kreuzer Prinz Eugen tallies don't come up too often.  You really need to pay attention to the reverse construction.  The alternating stitching pattern on the reverse is what helps determine if this is a good piece vs. a post war reproduction.  Pay attention to that and keep a look out.

    Best Regards,


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