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  1. Thanks Chip for the post. It is amazing that considering how many Imperial Army maschinengewehr truppen there were (exuse my poor Deutsch Chris) that these dragging straps are not more plentiful!! At the moment I think I can identify 4 different patterns from photos etc but still would like to see more images. As an aside well done Germany at the football. One day....one day................ Mark
  2. More images of the items will be displayed in the Collectors Image Gallery but I will show the skeletonised DP pieces as individual threads if of interest. I understand these cut-away German MGs are quite rare and although these came from a museum my research leads me to think they were done after being captured, as Allied instructional tools!! I have cleaned them as best as possible to remove all old grime, rust, oil etc but I am still trying to detemine when for example the British started using 'red' paint to outline weaponry skeletons. On the other hand if anyone can confrm that in WWI the Imperial Army skeletonised pieces then even better!!!! Mark
  3. Stuart superb collection and considering your location an even greater achievement. Have you set ''boundaries'' on period and nation/unit. I am sure the National Army Museum in UK would love to see this display as it must surely rival some of the pieces held there. Best regards, Mark
  4. Chip thanks for taking the trouble to show image, much appreciated. Very interesting. Is it marked or dated in anyway? If you ever you wish to sell ............ Best wishes, Mark
  5. Looking to identify and obtain the correct Mg accessories for a German MG08 gun team (and 08/15). Does anybody have an official German List of the items, like an ancilliary kitting/loading list. In the Brititsh WWI handbook the section items for a vickers are luckily shown. VMT Mark
  6. There are many different types of these whch I am trying to locate. Does anyone know the various patterns please? They were used right up to late 1930's by German machine gunners. Thanks, Mark
  7. Helen - can you give a summary on the history of the General please? Any machine guns in this amazing collection? Mark
  8. Dan thanks for input. I (and no doubt many others) would love to see your images? The light grey (battleship grey) is interesting. Do you really think this was a colour that the kit was painted in then shipped out to the field? It is not the first sled that I have heard of in this colour so I am beginning to think it is an original paint scheme. Could you date the period of this colour do you think? as I am still endeavouring to get this ''olive'' field grey/lomax green colour. Email me on mark.finneran@hotmail.co.uk if you wish to send pictures privately. Best wishes to all for Christmas. Mark
  9. Chris any update please on how to correctly identify lomax field grey? Many thanks. Mark
  10. Could anyone help please identify the correct Imperial Army schlitten tools? I am looking for the correct set to fit the sled. VMT. Mark
  11. Is it correct that not all original German flash shields will always have some form of Imperial markings? Does anybody have an original one that is not marked/ Thanks. Mark
  12. Your collection is like all Norwegian women.....beautiful! Great display. out of interest what are the Norwegian deactivation rules? Best wishes, Mark
  13. One of my sleds has 'as is' pads that obviously have deterioted. This was origianlly leather but now reveals horsehair etc. I am in 2 minds as to restore. Does anybody have any info on when the leather pad was effectively stopped as the material and the hessian or ersatz covering was then used instead pse? Thanks. Mark
  14. Chris - great find. I am looking for a 100 rd ammo belt by the way!!! :>0 Are you collecting a data base of Imperial manufacturers? I have a few trommels with different markings and I am happy to photo them if you wish. Your language and knowledge skills will be able to tell me the factory and makers???? VMT Mark
  15. A collection to be very proud of. I will now look through my own humble bits and pieces and anything South African deserves to be in its rightful home. I will email in due course. A superb display and mirrors the tremendous SA contribution in any conflict. Where would we British be without such 'friends'. Of course I was particularly interested in your MG items, SA, British and German and will see if I have anything of use there too. Great display and as other members say some national museum curators could learn a thing or two from your excellent efforts. If I only I were a lady....my efforts to marry you would be unbeatable!!! :>) Mark
  16. Chris thanks. I think you are right. lomax field grey? What is this paint/ Does it have a European code id perhaps? Mark ps please let me see image of your 'results'? Mark
  17. I need to restore a schlitten. It is in perfect condition other than being completely painted in an odd whitish/grey paint - not original. Normally it would be good to keep as is but this 'colour' must go. Does anyone have any modern paint codes/examples that match as best as possible the original colours. I have not decided whether to go plain or mimikri! VMT Mark
  18. Chris/Brian after WWI the Canadians had by far the largest amount of 'war booty' amongst all the Allies returned to Canada. To ensure legal movement even if it were a personal 'trophy' the Canadians insisted that the feedblocks were removed/discarded. Therefore often in the Candian Legions there are superb examples of 08/15 but missing the feedblock. At the time that was the deactivation requirement!! I guess this MG08 may be a battlefield pick up and is as is, or indeed all the missing parts are in safe custody below. Like most mueums though I would imagine there is no intention to make 'complete' just portray as is. Nonetheless some great photos. Mark ior the one is a examand
  19. Chris thanks. Yes you are right there are 2 patterns. My requests for info from a museum have shown the first pattern all leather, brass buckle and second pattern (economy) brought into service in 1918 and continued until MG08/15 no longer in service. So both are WWI 'period' but probably more likely to find a 1920's or 1930's example.....but still WWI! Let me know if you find 2 There are some repros though floating around the USA if this is what you want. Mark i think there are leather and Cloth (A bit like the cloth straps for gasmask tins. Then there are Between the wars and those made in other countries for use of 08/15s used by them after the war. I have been looking for one for ages as well.... no luck :-( All the best Chris
  20. I am seeking to complete the accessories and a key item is the MG08/15 sling. I am informed there are 2 types. Does anyone know of dealers/source of these slings and indeed how to identify them? Huge thanks. Mark
  21. Does anyone know please what are the differences between an infantry used MG08/15 and the version placed inside the German tanks of WWI? I have seen an 08/15 with trunions but assume this is for use in pillboxes/fortifications. Belgians used captured WWI MG08/15 in their forts and 'added' pieces to them. I am assuming for German WWI tank use there may be no butt stock, or different ammunition feeds or indeed different water cooling system etc etc. VMT for any help. Mark
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