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  1. Here are a few more.... The second bar belonged to Generaladmiral Otto Schultze
  2. Not all of these bars will be up for sale so please don't pm me until I haved posted the sales thread.
  3. Before placing most of these bars up for sale, I would like to weed out anything that may be suspect. What is the last ribbon on 14? and 24?
  4. Looking for opinions on these ribbon bars please gents http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=619390
  5. Hey there guys, I was looking for some opinions on this piece. I understand that original award pieces are made from silvered iron, are magnetic and have flat prongs that fold towards the middle. This one I am not sure of the material but it is not magnetic and has round prongs that fold towards the middle. Is this a later model private purchase wearers copy or a complete fake? Please feel free to post other examples.
  6. Hello Everyone, I am looking for some information on the Vor Dem Feinde Spange. Are these are these typically magnetic? Do period made pieces have a loop the ribbon is threaded through as oposed to prongs? The ones with 2 prongs, should these be flat or round? and are these of a later manafacure 20s/30s TR? Thanks Alan
  7. Tim has offered replacement ribbons only. So at the very least I have a fallback option.
  8. Hello Claudius, You are right they do look alot better with the ribbon, but for me I would rather have original, keep everything period. So I will continue the hunt.
  9. Many thanks Wild Card. I have dropped Tim an email and look forward to his reply.
  10. Hello all, Does anyone know where I could get these original period ribbons from? Hesse-Darmstadt..........General Honor Decoration "For Bravery" Lippe-Detmold..............War Merit Cross 2nd Class Mecklenburg-Strelitz.....Cross for Distinction in War, "Brave and Loyal" Schaumburg Lippe.......Cross For Loyal Service 2nd Class Schwarzburg................Silver Medal for Merit in War 1914
  11. Really for me it's about what turns up at a reasonable price. Still looking for Reuss, Waldeck,Lippe Detmold items though. Recently I thought I would have a go at EK equilvalents, but even these aren't that easy to find.
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