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  1. Combination of poetry. A child on the way home from school game scene. In the spring of February, flying a kite. Pastoral theme
  2. This is a Qing Dynasty poet Gao Ding's Poems (1851 ~ 1861), cunju, From the observation of the font, the last show China calendar, should be in the Minguo Period (1912-1949), Due to the above description is, ancient poem, it is reasonable to speculate that was completed in 1938 arts,
  3. Thank you, your data is of great help to me, I wish you have a happy weekend,
  4. Thank you drclaw , and your appreciation, Mongolia style influenced the Qing Dynasty military swords, this is an interesting phenomenon
  5. Thank you, dear Paul, About of the Russian Empire order. I seem to be lack of knowledge, At first I thought he might be order military 2or3, maybe 2or 3 Perhaps the civil, look ,
  6. thank you Claudius, It is genuine, center of local leaves enamel is damaged, the other condition is good.
  7. thank you Mervyn Mitton ,I think the enamel glaze, is a good state,
  8. Nice! Thank you dear Bill, your data is of great help to me,
  9. Please inform the relevant information, help dear all thanks weight 6.61Ib
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