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  1. The Artillery tunic has silver buttons. An officer would have had gold buttons.
  2. Would this be the same medal on this Hungarian policeman? It appears to have the red ribbon. and a close up
  3. As this was started with a Csend?r uniform, I'll add my garrison commanders uniform
  4. Wonderful collection and story from a volatile period. Thank you for showing us.
  5. Gentlemen, Can anyone provide further information? WW1? Regiment? Anything? Any clues? Please!
  6. Enzo thank you for your reply. I 'm still interested whether it is WWI or prior. Maybe someone will know.
  7. Can any one identify the uniform of this gentleman? It is Hungarian and I think it may be pre WWI. There is braiding on his sleeves and the upper part of his trousers. He is wearing a bayonet, and appears to be of tizades rank (corporal?)
  8. Thank you Charles for your reply. I have another medal for identification. Any information will be much appreciated.
  9. Gordon, Is this the picture? http://www.csendor.com/kepek/egyenek/bigim...sendor%2030.jpg
  10. Gentlemen. Can someone identify this medal for me? It appears to be k.u.k. judging by the crown. It is part of a Hungarian medal collection.
  11. Thank you Gordon. I don't live in Hungary, just an indication of my interests. Here is the back of the gorget and there is no box with it.
  12. Gentlemen, I would like to add this genuine gorget to this forum.
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