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  1. It will be 2 areas for both ODM. One area street, the shop?s sell new made insignias. But many items for the movie industry. It is very popular to show in TV?, movies from the history of the Palevie family. In this are, I have both many ribbonbars and only the martyr?s medal, shoulderboards, ovals, patches etc.. (look on OMSA # 3 2008 - Owain Raw-Rees). The other area are sell many different old ODM from Palevie time. Travel information: You are US citizen, that will be big problem. Try it, but I mean, you will have no entrie in IRI. Next problem. Dealers in shops are not know english. So, tha
  2. medal 50 years NVA 1956 - 2006 silver in box ( officers and privats) silver with ribbon for different part of ministry , navy, airforce, groundforce secret service etc. gold ones for generals / same silver all awarded eith a document, rank and name
  3. badge for entry - control on meeting 18. february 2006 in Alt Landsberg near Strausberg / hq MfNV
  4. medal in box and medal with ribbon in green / Grenztruppen and blue / Grenzbrigade K?ste
  5. Hello collector friends! Today, I recieved my copy of the new red star order book . New edition from 2008. Absolut fantastic pictures. Different variants and typs. Also, it was last question, that awarded the red star order with ribbon. So, in the book are 2 different typs with ribbon. Also inside the book are many typs with needle and privat made srew. Sincerely Holger P.S.: Please send me a privat message, when you want a copy.
  6. It will be for me very interest: Can you send the webpages on ebay, for east german veteran badges? Thats the best froum for east german veterans: http://www.nva-forum.de/nva-board/index.php
  7. Also look on it Krak des Chevaliers / Syria http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krak_des_Chevaliers Sincerely Holger
  8. Hello! I have found, that Tomar was the city in Portugal from the order of Templar and later from the order of christ. Look at the wiki - link. Very interest. I have looking for long time the informations, wher the central convent Order of Christ . 100km from Lisboa. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convent_of_the_Order_of_Christ Sincerely Holger
  9. Yes. The GDR is end but not the ex - citizens and officers. I will try to made more pictures from veteranbadges in next.
  10. Sorry friends. Meaning from me! Than the screw destroyed in old times, why is the enamel also not reaper? I mean that the silver patina also is made new!?! Made with new instruments. The silver made are every time blanc or older darker. Question is, who collector made a directory for the no. of holders the red star - with name. It will be time....! Not every time both and both russian collectors. *smile* You must start the historical analysis. Sincerely Holger
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