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  1. I have them not in my possession yet but the man said batallion ? Cant find anything anywhere of it. cheers Herr
  2. Hello all I have these two captallies of the Kriegsmarine, Ausbildungsbatallion 3 and 4. Where were these replacements/training units stationed ? Can anyone give me more info about these units ? Thanks in advance Herr
  3. Heres my only Heer tunic Opinions welcome. The eagle has been re-attached at some stage. The collar tabs are also very faded. Shoulderboards are sewn ons. Cant provide more pix, my digi cam broke Regards Herr
  4. now that is a KM collection I aspire to have one day Awesome ! Herr
  5. amazing ! Great work ! Would love to see it when it is all painted and finished ! Cheers Herr
  6. the NCO parade jacket ones, as on the ruptured duck Obermaat winter tunic one NCO medical officer candidate EM patches for parade jacket : obergefreiter and hauptgefreiter EM patches for winter tunic : hauptgefreiter EM patches for summer tunic : gefreiter, obergefreiter and hauptgefreiter Still a bit to go on the medical side Cheers Herr
  7. Hey Paul The anchor on a lean on the patches are for NCO grades (Maat and Obermaat) Nearly every NCO patch has the anchor involved, nothing to do with shoreside or active sea duty. Just the way they designed the NCO patches. The bottom one in the pic is for officer, and that has no anchor involed aswell. Cheers Herr
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